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Full Version: MJ-SB06/2018 – Home Alone (part 6) now for some proper self-bondage
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After all the fun I’d had over the previous day (well, nights) I was determined to have a ‘proper’ self-bondage session with no release until the ice melted. Not everything went to plan, but there was an unexpected event right at the very end.

40den closed crotch, full nylon bodysuit with gloves, hood and sheath
20den control top tights
40den tights
Butt plug
Bra and silicon breasts
Lycra body-control mini-dress
Lycra body-control pants
Lace panties
wet-look stocking and suspender straps
Hood and penis gag
Lycra long gloves
Vibrator and timer
spreader bar
high-heeled boots
D-shackles and leather ankle cuffs
Ice cubes!
various collars/straps


The session:
My plan was to tie myself in a spread-eagle variation, using ice-cubes in a bag to hold the rope ratchet in place and a vibrator on a timer to make things ‘interesting’

To help make things simple (or so I imagined) I’d set up as much of my bondage as I could before getting dressed.


The spreader bar was fixed to the foot of the bed using a dog collar and D-link – I also pre-threaded the rope I was planning to use for securing my wrists through the collar D-ring to the rope ratchet. More rope was set in place mid-way up the bed, so be used for both my wrists and waist. Finally I fixed two chains, from each corner of the bed head, to be used to fasten my hooded head in place.


I arranged some pre-formed coils of rope, under the cross-bed rope, so that they formed a ‘slip-knot’ type set-up – hopefully the picture explains this more clearly than my words.


The final part of my preparation was to fix two collars to the head of the bed; one was to act as a tether point for the ropes securing my wrists and the other as the anchor for my rope ratchet and ice cube filled laundry bag (more on that later). With my set-up ready it was time for me to get dressed.

Butt-plug in, condom on and with my cock and balls once again ‘tucked’ away I quickly dressed in my control top tights, then my bodysuit (hood left un-zipped, but arms in the gloves) and finally a second pair of tights over that. I initially pulled on a pair of lace panties, but then overlaid them with a pair of body-shaper pants – these really emphasised the smooth line of my crotch, no manly bulges to be seen under all the layers of nylon and Lycra.
My bra and silicon boobs went quickly on my chest, and then I pulled on my body-control mini dress. Lessons learnt from earlier experiences ensured that I put on my stockings, using the suspender clips to fasten then to my dress, and my boots (with ankle cuffs fastened) before lacing my corset nice and tightly in place – trying to lace up boots, ankle cuffs and such would have been really tough wearing the corset!
Once again I found myself caressing and fondling myself all over – unable to keep my hands away from my boobs and strangely ‘cock-less’ crotch. The multiple tight layers covering my tucked cock really de-sensitised feeling, but interestingly still allowed some stimulation.
My final dressing was to pull two knee-highs over my head; as these were both aeady laddered and so I wasn’t too concerned about opening up a small hole over my mouth. Over them went my hood. I used the hood and knee-highs to tidy up the pantyhose suit hood (tucked in behind my head) and fastened the collar and laces as tight as I could manage.
Before commencing my bondage I slide the vibrator under my pants, connected it to the timer and set the cycles to start in 20minutes time.


Finally time to bind myself to the bed – I used small D-shackles to lock my legs to eyes in the spreader bar, leaving me nicely exposed and ‘vulnerable’ 


Settling back onto the bed I sorted out the myriad of ropes (amazing how tangled they become however carefully you lay them out) and tightly bound my waist down to the rope across the bed. Next it was my penis gag, slid deep into my mouth through the metal ‘O’ of the hood and the opening in my knee-highs beneath, buckled very firmly in place. I clipped the chains to the collar of my hood, seriously restricting any movement of my head and ensure that the rope ratchet was secured to the final collar using a small laundry bag and ice-cubes. Only then did I pull on my long gloves to complete my encasement.


I was aeady well bound, but needed to complete my helplessness, so I wriggled my left wrist through the pre-made loops and pulled them gently tight. Next it was the turn of my right wrist, but that was inexplicably more difficult (not helped by my limited vision, tethered head and existing bondage. It took me a moment or two to realise that unlike with my left wrist coils I hadn’t tied the right coils to the side of the bed – this meant that they slid away and along the rope holding my waist in place…. Bugger!


My unwelcome predicament was further compromised when the vibrator suddenly sprang into life – 20minutes has simply flown by! I writhed and squirmed as the teasing of the vibrator briefly and pleasantly distracted me form the frustration at my self-bondage mistake.
I could have stopped, untied myself and started over, but I was too committed to the session ow so plunged on, trying to make the best I could of my situation. I finally got my right wrist into the loop, sort of, and started to pull the cord that would tighten my rope ratchet
All was going well and my left wrist was very comfortably secured before, once again, I hit a technical hitch.  I simply couldn’t pull the ratchet any tighter, and I couldn’t figure out or see why. (If you look in the blue circle you may spot the obvious problem – I’d pulled the ratchet rope all the way up to the knot!). I had to strongly resist the urge to engage in some impromptu bondage – there was too much of a risk that I’d do something stupid and either hurt myself or end up properly stuck and not be able to get free.


Frustratingly, and despite all the problems, I was almost totally helpless – the situation made all the better (or worse, depending on how I looked at it) by the vibrator switching on again and running through a number of the most delightfully frustrating cycles before I freed myself.

What went well?
The concept of my bondage was good, it was just the execution that let it down – I loved the legs spread, but still able to struggle position. The waist rope, coupled with my corset, was very effective and I liked the feel of it. Using the chains through the d-rings of my hood’s collar also restricted my movements which added to the experience I was seeking.
A really unexpected bonus was the position of the ice-cubes above my head – I’d not consciously planned it, but when the ratchet was tight the bag hung directly over my mouth, resulting in a steady drip of ice cold water onto my hood.  I instantly realised this could be adapted to add a new element to future self-bondage sessions.
Combination of a tuck with the vibrator – I’d not really tried this before, but found to to be the most incredible mix, the teasing was still there but there was no way that I could make myself orgasm against the vibrator (and trust me I did try).

The look of my bondage – I may be turning into a narcissist, but there was (and still is when I watch the video) something very sexy about how I’m dressed and bound. I especially like the look of my panties and how they contrast between the tan nylon of my tights.

How can I begin to describe the eroticism of that ‘click-click-click’ of the ratchet? The sound signalling the inevitable approach of helplessness, every pull of the cord tightening the loops around my wrists, never relenting, just getting tighter and tighter.

What could be improved?
Pay attention to the set-up of my bondage! I was lucky in that my self-bondage ‘failed-safe’ resulting in me being free, rather than stuck! Sounds simple but I need to sort out the rope ratchet so that the length of rope before I hit the knot is long enough. I also cannot believe that I forgot the rope that would have held my right wrists to the side of the bed – what a silly mistake!
I did pick up some good ideas that I will include in future sessions – the idea of ice-cubes melting onto my face/into my mouth is very erotic to me (thinks: what else could I freeze instead of water….).
Ear plugs – I keep forgetting to include ear plugs until it’s too late. I love the way they muffle all sound apart from the pulsing of my blood - I must use them more often. 

I hope you enjoyed another retelling of my self-bondage adventures - the good and the bad bits

Please play safe and look out for more to come.

And finally, the video to go with this session:


]Self-bondage ([/url]

I've edited out some of the 'boring' stuff and speeded up other sections (good self-bondage + unable to more = not a lot to see!)