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Fetishes do not have and do not require pragmatical and logical explanation. It just happens. I love pantyhose, swimsuits and bondage since I remember myself. And only recently I discovered that my skin feels better when covered with nylon, than bare skin. And some times I wear pantyhose to keep my legs (or arms) warm and dry. Very practical, just clothes, no sexual context at all. Yet pantyhose remain in my top 10 fetish list ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, I collect some things, because I might need them in the future, not because I like it. It's, actually, the other way around. I DO NOT like to see them in my house, yet I have a huge collection of computer/photo/audio/house-hold items.

Fetishism is about pleasure and/or arousal. Not about the pure fact of having something or be someone. It does not matter if it's a simple item, an everyday activity, or even a disease.
Yes, I do.

Wow. I never thought that my thread would turn into something like this.
(25 Jun 2018, 16:38 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Wow. I never thought that my thread would turn into something like this.
Because the subject is very interesting and has no correct answer, or one answer to cover all situations. It's like "the purpose of life". I said that many times aeady, that I was going to write a series of blog posts about fetishes and traits and why we have them, but I still can formulate and organize properly what keeps swirling in my mind. So, thanks all for provoking, discussing, objecting, etc! Please keep doing this! We might come up with something completely unexpected, or help someone to understand it from a different perspective.

BTW, I'm yet to post my own observation on the topic. And it's difficult...
And another example. Incontinence and impotence are serious health problems, that ruin lives, and huge fetishes at the same time for others (not me). In the context of this site, they would be placed in the "Fetish" section.
BTW, we ave a separate thread to discuss fetishes and traits:

I think I might "disband" this thread after some time (since it digresses in all possible directions ๐Ÿ˜ ) and move posts to more appropriate places. But for now it will stay as it is.
Yea, I don't think I'll be able to finish my story as it's now about other things.
Maybe we should chop it up and change the title to " It happen to me ".
(26 Jun 2018, 16:36 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Yea, I don't think I'll be able to finish my story as it's now about other things.
Just continue from where you stopped, ignore the rest ๐Ÿ˜‰
Any way, to continue with that nite, he seem to enjoy running his fingers all along my legs. But when he ran his fingers up between my legs, I just knew what a female feels. Made me jump a bit. Of course I was protected by my shorts, but just the thought and the pressure from his fingertips, I thought he was going all the way up.
Wow, what a feeling that was.

It was at that time he started to notice the bra I was wearing that nite.
He also notice that I had boobs. He ask why I was wearing a bra, and I told hem that I have boobs and my bra.....
He stoped me there and said. Can I see them? Of course we finish about 2/3 of Vodka so we were both waisted. And I then lifted my shirt to revile the black bra I was wearing. As he started to touch, the presser of his fingers over the bra came right through to my breasts that pretty much made them stand out a lot larger than they were.
As he started to play with them, I was just enjoying my self, to notice that he somehow exposed my breasts and was in the process of licking and sucking them.
By the time he finished, I do beleve than other than not having a pussy or love opening, I'm pretty sure I know what a female feels when a man is is giving her atenchion.
God I wish I was more female than male.

After he finish, we both crashed. He in his chair, and me on the couch.
The forum name has been changed following the discussion above. Please let me know what you think about it.
[quote=Well, this is kind od how I feel about my life, although being American I bought into the 1984's Transsexual Project at Standford University, and lived [with female I.D.] as a woman and because [I reason] that I became very comfortable as Joanna I [remember] usually passing, or, perhaps not passing but 'Passing Enough" that people were no inclined to call it out...and when people did try to 'shame' me I has some witty rapport that made thm Laugh With me. Noticeable that 'I though halloween was over" wise cracks became rare as life as Hobo Joanna the Freight Train Guitar Slinger advanced. now at 68 years, I still believe my Fetish for Womens Clothes is why I did it, and like you, My Friends who said 'You look Good," were seeing the Clothing.....literally sharing my fetish. In a Positive way. The BDSM was only in the 1980's at the Power Exchange here in San Francisco, and until 1990's because I was Young, and had friends in the Power Exchange, but I would fear trying again. This train of thought, thread, is very very interesting. Thank you from TV with 136 Tattoos.


Tinkerย D
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