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Full Version: MJ-SB02/2018 – Home Alone (part 2) Turning another fantasy into reality
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This was a direct follow-on from my first session and another attempt to re-create a storyline scene.

70den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den closed crotch, full nylon bodysuit with gloves, hood and sheath
30den closed crotch, full nylon bodysuit with gloves, hood and sheath
High-heeled ankle boots
Ball gag inside knee-high
Chastity cage


The session:
I didn’t change any of my clothing for this session, simply replacing the belts and single-arm pantyhose with rope bondage, adding a blindfold and a chastity cage. The chastity cage is my first serious venture into this area of play and I confess to being a complete novice. I chose this particular device more for the look and feel I anticipated wearing it would bring, more than any effectiveness at preventing an orgasm. 


I fastened the device over my encased cock and just about managed to lock the straps tightly in place around the base of my cock and my ball sack. No-one ever mentions how hard it is to get into something like this, especially when the very action turns you on! I’ve worked out a method now but it took some time and a lot of trial and error…. it was fun trying though!


Once locked into the cock-cage it was time to add the ropes; first around my ankles ,then  above and below my knees – on a whim I also tied the end of the rope to a spare d-ring on the cock cage. 


With my legs tightly bound together I couldn’t resist a quick fondle of my cock – the cage did work, in so far as it made masturbation very challenging.


With my wrist ropes set-up and connected to my ankles it was time for my blindfold – this was from my leather hood and proved very effective when buckled tightly in place


Finally I could begin binding my wrists and placing myself in a nice tight hogtie. I wrapped one strand of the rope around my wrists in a figure of 8 pattern, trying to keep everything snug but comfortable.


Next I used the second strand of rope to create a hogtie by bending my knees and then looping it up and around, between my bound wrists, so that when I straightened my legs it would cinch the wrist ropes nice and tight. 


With everything in place all it took was a simple stretching of my legs and once again I was in self-bondage heaven. The feeling of helplessness was enhanced by the constant tension of the rope between my wrists and ankles, An unexpected bonus was the weight of the cage on my cock, coupled with the obvious constriction – this combined to both stimulate and frustrate me as I writhed around on the bed. The weight of the cage causing my cock to move strangely and not within my complete control – an interesting experience and very stimulating!


Freedom was achieved after some concerted struggling to un-loop ropes with my legs bent as tight upwards as possible.

What went well?

Another session where I really enjoyed the ‘freedom’ to struggle around the bed, rather than be secured in place – the difference between being ‘tied up’ and ‘tied down’ if you see what I mean. 

The cock chastity cage – I’d never tried one before and aeady I’m a big fan. I know this isn’t quite the same as true chastity, which I understand is to prevent you even becoming fully aroused (or did I get that wrong?).  I love the extra constriction and how this cage ‘numbs’ (In a good way) the ability to stimulate myself.

What could be improved?

I must apologise for the poor image quality – these are screen captures from my video, not the usual higher definition stuff I like to post (blame my GF who took our DSLR away for the duration of my ‘Home Alone’ time)

I’m working on editing the video down to a more manageable size and length – hope to be able to post something soon.

I need to add a timer device to make a hogtie properly inescapable for a period of time. An ice-lock and ratchet is the obvious solution, but I don’t want to get water all over the bed – any suggestions? 

Again, and as always, play safe and enjoy your self-bondage without risking life and (eventual) liberty.

I own maybe four cock cages. One of them you have. Even I have a hard time getting that strap around the base of my cock, between my body and balls.

But, well done. I like what you have done.
As usual, very similar to my self-bondage sessions MJ. I do prefer the CB-3000 for chastity, but you're inspiring me to get a cage too. My favorite toy is this one:

It creates some very interesting sensations when worn under layers of spandex.

As for making the hogtie inescapable without making a mess... I volunteer!
(21 Jun 2018, 11:18 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ](blame my GF who took our DSLR away for the duration of my ‘Home Alone’ time)
I would rather bless her for letting you play 😋