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Full Version: self made pvc vacbed
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Recently i saw a movie while being in vacbed tortured with E-stim device and venus 2000. When I saw that i knew what my next self bound experience would be. To try it out for myself i decided to make my own vacbed.
My plan is to be completely restrained in my hopehely self made airtight vacbed with breathing pipe and gagged mouthpiece. While i'm wearing a nice tight shiny leotard and legging or maybe a full latex catsuit to prevent movement when i'm starting to sweat. and for a nice topping one high waisted leather corset. also making one piece to cover my nose so that i can't inhale thru mouth and exhale with my nose. to making it a daring challenge that maybe testing my limits more as i would expect. i will be wearing a butt plug with fairy vibrator attached to it inside of me. and using a trimblr to make sure my front side get's the attention it desires. now to make sure that its not only pleasure and fun just as the movie. i will add e-stim to my balls and cock. e-stim wil be sound controlling the shocks i will receiving. to make my vacbed hopfely airtight i make one little downhill at the entry so the iron bar wile roll up by gravity and to my vacbed frame i've made some magnets to hold the iron bar locked to the frame. the frame i've made is made with 2 lairs one 40MM HP pvc tubing outside, inside some 22MM steel radiator pipe for extra strong frame without corner pieces.  the vacuum cleaner is be controlled by one digital 40 programmable time controller. i've bought 2 different type of clear pvc 1 very strong type the other super strong. the first one looked it may easily tear apart. To be sure i've tried yesterday the thinnest for a test run without the full outfit. 
And i have to say it wasn't completely airtight so without other release mechanism i tried it out. and on the moment the vacuum start to suck the air out it started slowly compressing me on its place. it went from loose to tight, tighter shocking tighter to over the point i've thought it would be going. unable to move my arms or legs. but not long in the vacbed the mouthpiece tears through the plastic. so i tried to push my fingers down. and on that moment they break through the plastic and i was able to release myself with the vacuumcleaner still sucking the air out of it. 
so now i'm making the 2e cover with the thicker plastic and put some 2 sided tape on the frame to make it more airtight. i hope to test it today to see of it works. and then try my daring challenge i've set for myself. hopefully it works like i wanted it otherwise it may become a torture that will truly suc!!
Sounds very exciting, but also a little bit risky.

Please play safe and don't get too carried away - I know about this because I've got myself into all sorts of trouble by getting too excited and ignoring or forgetting about all the risks. So far I've been lucky, neither killing myself or getting stuck and needing external help to get free... but it was very scary and stupid of me to get into the situations I did.

i will be wearing a butt plug white fairy vibrator attached to it inside of me. and using a trimblr to make sure my front side get's the attention it desires.

: ok, what is a white fairy vibrator, and how did you connect it to the buttplug that is inside you?
Have fun and be careful. Here is a cautionary tale: