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Full Version: PU Straightjacket
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like this:

got this a few weeks ago, and it is great, even though the straps could be a little stronger.

The arm length is just right for me, could be a few centimeters more, but it isn't really necessary. I can enter the straight jacket with the back straps closed as tight as I like them (almost fully tight), then attach the arms to each other and get that arm-strap over my head, down the back. Of course, the back straps are in the way a bit, but it is quite doable. Due to the fairly thick material (I guess, near 1 mm), it is hard to operate any strap, so attaching the crotch straps (there are two, nice for men!) is a challenge, but it feels even nicer when they are on. The sleeves are tight - bodybuilders might not be able to use this jacket, but yeah, even nicer for me, it is a very snug fit. With a lot of fiddling and a long ladle in my mouth for more manipulation, I even manage to close the chest strap around the arms / wrists - almost as tight as I like.

Once everything is in place, this jacket feels great! As soon as I have the opportunity, I will try to sleep in this jacket (and possibly fail, as usual). it also looks nice, I actually got the pink version and have a pink PU-skirt to wear along (over the crotch straps of course).

Well, one of these random purchases that really paid off.

Escapability: Yes
Safety: Quite - one could argue about the high collar, but I think, it is safe.
Security: Perhaps in partner play, otherwise, you cannot tighten the arms enough to make it secure... well, change the strap to somthing self-tightening and add an ice lock perhaps
Quality: Good workmanship, just the straps could be slightly stronger. But they seem to survive standard use quite well and this weakness might be a blessing, when you seem to be stuck... And the colour is just great - I love dark pink!

There is one extra feature for the succesful escapist: Unless (or perhaps even then) the jacket is really lose, it takes quite a while to get it off. The inside does not glide on skin, especially not, when wet. It usually takes me up to two minutes to take it off. This is with closed back straps of course, otherwise it should be quite easy. But due to the slightly short length of the sleeves, I cannot operate the back straps...
Quick update:

I managed to operate the lower two back straps. When tightened completely, I cannot take off the jacket. That means, that I have to open these straps, which is just a tad easier than tightening them
These straps can be locked as well, which is an option for extended (timed) wear. Of course, it is all a matter of practise.

I consider buying the other model too, which covers the shoulders only (and the arms of course).
In the meantime, I have "upgraded" the strap connecting the sleeves. Instead of the buckled strap, I am using a self-tightening strap with two rings (just like the famous ring-device). An extra string on the lower ring can be used to release the strap. Of course, this means, that freedom is just a doorknob away, but still, the feeling the arms strapped to the body really tight, is great!

I also got another straight-jacket, made from strong fabric and with extra strap-loops on the sides, to secure the arms and prevent the wearer to pull the arms over the head. This jacked requires a lot of practice, because all straps are secured in ring-device-style, and it is hard to grab anything finer than a lamp post through the thick fabric. Putting this jacket on takes about 20 minutes. Taking it off is much faster, since I don't risk getting trapped until I got a belt-cutter screwed somewhere to a suitable spot, where I can use it, when needed. It has two crotch straps too, just like the other one. Two crotch-straps is good for men, because they go on the sides of the precious parts instead of squeezing them (ok, some might like that too).

er, pictures (apparently not me)
I have two of these. A bit too small for me, but I can fit into them.
I do need another person to help me getting the back to really close up.
Like you said, it really feel great on.

I see that they make a leg binder as well, but I’m not sure it will fit.
I did get the leg binder. Other than the fact I don’t have a waist per se, it actually fits. And very well.
I haven’t bought the hood yet.