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Full Version: Built an Edging/Orgasm Denial Device, NoGasm
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I'm relatively new to the forum but I wanted to share an idea of mine and maybe someone has aeady thought about it. I would like to use a remote controlled toy (vibrator, e-stim) paired with a computer/microcontroller and some kind of "arousal sensor". That way the computer can cut or lower the stimulation when the arousal gets too high, leaving you squirming for release. To spice it up there could be random intervals of stimulation, different kinds of stimulation, tasks that have to be fullfilled to get the release and maybe a possibility to let you orgasm so you can never be sure if the computer lets you orgasm or not. Endless possibilities!

That is the fantasy, but I don't know if it would be possible to find such an arousal sensor in real life. The first kind that comes to mind is a sensor to measure the skin conductivity, like a lie detector. Those can be build for Arduino, but I haven't tried it out yet. You could also use the heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen saturation, the sound level you are producing or a combination of these. These are all not specific to sexual arousal and I could not find much for that on google, but there is this one good article summarising different devices for males and females: .

So there are some devices and methods with which it could be possible to archive what I want to do. I think there are still problems though, the devices have to be calibrated to the person, maybe the arousal level to orgasm can differ on a daily basis or the computer cannot decide good enough if you are on the brink of orgasm or not.

Has anyone here on the forum experimented with something like this? I would like to try it out in the near future, but building a sensory device will be difficult for me (I don't have much experience with electronics). I found this article for a DIY device: , so I may try something like this out.

Tell me what you think of this idea!

Some inspiration 😉


Thanks for the links! Reading....
I have been thinking of something similar myself using arduino as a basis.
My concept was a control box that was anchored to a body harness.
Using a Bluetooth HR monitor (like the running/cycling sports bands) you could keep an eye on things that way. But one area I was looking at was a pressure sensor built into a plug... When you get close it squeezes... This squeeze could be detected and turn off and stimulation.
The control box was also going to include some electro magnets to hold cuffs in place, motion sensors so that if you were either still or moving an event could be triggered, mic input.. Make too much noise and time is added/stimulation stops??
Endless possibilities.
I was thinking about something with a neuro-interface. E.g. this one:
That idea reminds me of what Pelevin described in his S.N.U.F.F. novel. Here's a related part (Kaya is an AI robot):

Click twice on "Previous". Some parts are,, obviously, omitted, but if you keep clicking on Next and Prev you'll get the idea.

I'm new to this community, but am into edging and to some extent, orgasm denial. With this in mind, I have built an edging/orgasm denial device and thought I'd share in case anyone wants to build something similar. It's designed for men at the moment, but I think it could be easily adapted to women.

It works like this....

There is a vibrator that attaches to the head of your penis and a butt plug. The butt plug has pressure sensors on it, and when you get particularly turned on, or are close to orgasm (where your PC muscles contract) it turns off the vibes. This way, it takes you close to the edge then stops, and each time it does that, it waits longer to turn on the vibes again. I wish I had built in an override button!

Anyway, you need a little tech know how, (but not much) to build it, and it works really well. I saw lots of forum posts which where people were struggling to build one so I thought I'd post here. Let me know if you want details.

Best Regards!
Sounds interesting. A butt plug with pressure devices to turn off the vibs.
One can use a SST or a 555 ic to control the vibs.

Only one problem I can see, in my case, once I get close and my PC mussles kicks in, it's too late. Here it comes and nothing is going to stop me from making that creamy goodness.

But I like your idea.
Oops, I almost forgot.
Welcome. 😊
(10 Apr 2018, 01:05 )jamesdeville Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, you need a little tech know how, (but not much) to build it, and it works really well. I saw lots of forum posts which where people were struggling to build one so I thought I'd post here. Let me know if you want details.

I'm interested.  Are you running it via a computer, or a microcontroller/Arduino-type device, or just as a circuit?  What kind of pressure sensors are you using?  This is one of those things that I've had in the back of my mind as something I should make someday, but never actually got around to it.
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