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Full Version: Femininity
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Femininity (like masculinity) is a gender "feature" (not a "sex" feature, like the terms "male" or "female"), what means both "males" and "females" can be "feminine" and/or "masculine".

But what is femininity for you? How would you define it? Any examples? Photos? Drawings? What is "utter feminine" in your opinion?

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Femininity as fetish
Now that is a hard question to answer.
For me, femininity is a person that has a waist, breasts that are larger than a male size breasts. Slender legs and I softer sweeter voice.

Still, that is a hard question.
Also, femininity sometimes gets confused with childish behaviour or with obedience.
OK, let's begin with something simple and obvious - feminine clothes: high heels, stockings, back seams...
Long hair, lipstick, nail polish... But these are attributes.
Ok, how this:
Tall neck.
Softer skin, genetic, found in DNA
A waist, larger hips and a softer voice.
But the face screams MAN.
Or in other worlds like MAD magazine,
The body from says female but when she turns around, she is a HE.

Oh snap that cute chick is a guy?
That's why I said, that "femininity" can be applied to both physical sexes, because it's a gender related "category" or "trait". One problem with men, is that they might overexploit and exaggerate what's usually associated with women, creating drag/clown/Vogue-dancer-like image.

But we digress. Any other typical feminine features?
O! Keeping knees together while standing or sitting regardless the clothing.
And don't forget legs crossed and sometimes, one arm behind the back holding the other arm close.
I've seen that too.
I searched for various combinations of the word "femininity", but ... nothing worthy came out of Google. Looks like this term is either very individual, or severely socialized to death. Since when "empathy" is considered pure feminine? It's got NOTHING to do with gender! "Ability to listen"??? You're joking... And so on, and on... Other media pound on the "binarity" of the masculine-feminine" dichotomy and consider "femininity" as what's not "masculine". Brilliant... We define a term using another empty term...

Yes, this is one of the way to define voidness in Buddhism: good and bad are antipodes of each other, one would not exists without the other, hence both of them are empty".

But we definitely know that there is something very feminine out there... Is it something what make a subject "fetishy" or not? Otherwise, the FOTD and EOTD threads would not exist. There is something...
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