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Full Version: hooded bondage
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Hi. I'm new to this site, and so pleased to have found a like-minded community. I've been working through hooded scenarios, which do not involve complete body bondage. I kind very turned on by head enclosure. Quite often I'll have a session in my guest bathroom, which is small and completely dark when the light is off. I stand before the small sink, with a mirror above enabling me to see how I look (before blackout). A use a combination of c&b bondage (3 inch leather ball stretch stretching and squeezing my ball sack, which I then reinforce with brown packing tape, so that I can't easily or quickly release. I do like to tape my balls tight, but allowing for circulation) and head enclosure. For the head enclosure I usually put a small but thick black trash bag over my head, making a single large hole for my mouth. I then begin enclosing my head with wide brown packing tape, starting with the neck, working around the head, to my jaw and up above the nose. I find it a turn on to wind the tape tightly around the eyes. I then wrap the tape from the top of my head to under the jaw. Note that while I am taping myself in, I do keep the jaw open, as I will later be wearing a gag. I proced with the taping until my neck and head are completely enclosed, with the mouth kept free at all times. I always have scissors at hand of course. I form tape carefully around the mouth, so that nothing can come loose and block my breathing. I then put on a posture collar and a large breathable sillicon ball gag. I love this gag. Too much manipulation of it in the mouth can cause it to rotate a little, cutting off air supply, though breathing is still just barely possible. I may then attached weights of some sort to my balls and clamps to my nipples. Just to spice things up I have used tabasco sauce on my now hard cock, which makes for a fiery masturbation. I now also insert a large but plug in my ass, and secure this with plastic film, which I wrap between my crotch and around my waist and legs. To finish off I put a much larger black plastic bag over my head, and secure it around my neck with a belt. I now know that I have a few minutes of intense masturbation before I need to remove the bag. The anal stimulation ensures for a very hard ejaculation. Such a scenario would be too risky with bound hands, though possible without the second bag. I have tried many bed bondage scenarios, and am keen to develop these with use of timer locks, nipple clamps and randomly generated anal electric stimulation (lots of good looking electric devices out there). I have before used a self made timer...scissors attached to a piece of string just out to reach of my right hand (I am tied spread eagled on a bed). The string is threaded through an eye hood, which has been screwed into the ceiling. The string continues to a room heater and held there in place by solidified wax. The heater is on a timer, warms up and melts the wax, thus releasing the scissors. I wouldn't use this method again. I'd rather use an ice lock that 100% will release what I need.
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Intense, but quite risky scenario. I hope that the tape is not tight around your neck.
No the tape is never tight around the neck. I let the posture collar do its job. I get a lot of arousal from binding the eyes and forehead, and the breathable ball gag is large and stays in place

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