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Full Version: Pantyhose sleepsack
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Sleepsack using any large, stretchy pants (including tights, if footless):

Couldn't find a discussion thread for this so I started one.

I discovered this technique once when I happened to play with just the right size sweat pants I had. I shoved the legs through one leg of the garment and the head through the other, and straightened it, and it fit quite tight, completely enclosing me from the ankles to the chin, with the exception of the waisthole that was now behind my back.
The garment had a tightening band in its waist, so I maneuvered to rotate the pants such that the opening was now on my frontside, and I attempted to tighten the band and tie it into a knot it so the hole is shut. As I began to tighten the band, the room inside the garment for arm movement become nearly extinct. There was a pocket near the waist, and I could put one hand through the small protruding pocket and manipulate the rope with that hand and my teeth, and to lesser extent, the other hand. It took me probably hours to do it (should verify it from the video recording sometime), yet I couldn't make it as tight as I hoped. The opening had shrunk to about 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter, I think. Then I struggled to push my arms behind my back, and succeeded. I had been doing all this in a standing position.
When I intentionally laid myself down on the floor (for whatever reason), I discovered that getting out from the predicament was the most challenging physical experience I have ever had. Legs bound together (as it was because they were compressed together inside the other leg of the pants -- I had no other equipment on), arms behind one's back, it is impossible to re-establish an upright position. It was impossible to even lift my back from the floor more than a foot or so, because the garment was so tight. Inchworming against various pieces of furniture I managed to do it after a long time.
I wanted to undo the bondage, but I was really sweaty, and the garment had lots of friction against my sweaty skin, so it took a lot of effort to undo the steps that got me into it. After I managed to open the knot tying the waistband and the waist was reopened, I remember sticking my hands out the waist hole and sighing deeply in relief. Compared to the previous experience, freeing oneself from the garment was now easy.

Deciding in retrospect that the experience was very much fun, I later re-did this a few times, but unfortunately soon the tightening band ripped open from the seams, and the garment itself started to progressively tear. After that, I have unfortunately not found other pants of the same quality. They're either too small, too stretchy providing too much freedom, or too large eliminating all the challenge.

I've done it also with tights (that have feet), and learned that it slides on better if you push your arms up to the same leg of the tights where you push your head into. You get a monoglove (sort of) and a sleepsack in one deal! But unfortunately tights rip in pieces very easily, too. I haven't found a single pair of tights where I could get the waist opening closed wearing it like this before the garment is torn.
True about the tights. Other solutions would be a nylon cocoon, but it's not tight enough or a lycra bodybag.

But here's another problem. How can you properly bind yourself inside such bags? Better with a time-release. Because simply being inside a cocoon and knowing that you can get out whenever you want and do within the cocoon whatever you want is not enough (at least for me).
For me, the challenge of escaping is the fun -- the more challenge, the more exciting and the more stimulating. The escape should be contrived enough that simple struggling won't free you. Then again, I have never attempted timered schemes*, so I wouldn't know.

*) If you don't count those where I have to rest simply in order to recollect enough energy to escape.

The experience I described above was not a "do whatever you want within the cocoon" case, because there was virtually no room for arm movement at all, and moving the arms to the behind involved pushing very hard against the cloth in order to maneuver the arm past the side. Once the arm reaches the turning point, the pressure of the cloth forces to keep the arm behind the back quite inert unless you want to really exert again.
I tried a diy vacuum bag a while ago (using a very large and thick plastic bag that is meant for garbages), and not even the vacuum constricted that hard 😊
(23 Dec 2009, 00:22 )Joyl27 Wrote: [ -> ]Once the arm reaches the turning point, the pressure of the cloth forces to keep the arm behind the back quite inert unless you want to really exert again.
Well, this sounds like lots of fun and what I would like to experience too!
I just joined this site and thought I may offer my experience. I have been doing this same sort of bondage using a pair of womens lycra exercise pants. I buy the long leg pants and usually a large size. I am 5'8 and 220lbs. Then I run a string through the waist band and tie it off on one end. I put two loops in there in just the right spot so when the loops meet, the waist band is closed tight. To increase the effect, I am also a crossdresser so of course I dress up some. I also get a key and insert it into the crotch of my panties. I wear a slip, long nightie and pantyhose. I then put a rope around my waist that has two loops in it for locks. I put rope on my wrists that also have loops on them. I then put both my legs into one leg of the lycra exercise pants and pull them up high. I can usually get the waist to mid chest. I then can amnuever my head into the other leg. I put the opening in the back though because it makes it more difficult to get into and out of. Once my head is inside I pull it down as far as I can and it is tight now. I have three locks inside with me. I reach behind me and with a lot of effort I pull the opening closed on the waistband. Once the opening is closed, I lock the string at the loops with one of the locks. Now I can lock my wrists with the other two locks. Once I do this, I am stuck. I can get the key, but it takes me a really long time to get it and it is not easy since the nightie and slip are also trapped inside and are very tight to pull up and the pantyhose are under the rope I put around my waist. Even once I do get them up, my legs are encased and tight together and trying to get the key from inside the crotch of the panties is no easy task. What compounds it is my wrists are bound, si I do not have a lot of room to move and I have all the nylon on the nightie and slip that keeps getting in the way. Only once could I not get the key and had to hop to the kitchen to get a knife and cut the lycra. Tha had to have been a funny site because I had to get out of the bed and I fell on the floor then trying to get up. 😟 Had to buy another pair. Have fun, be safe and have a knife or pair scissors handy just in case.
Thanks for the story, jimlee20. It sounds very interesting.
But if your wrists are locked together behind your back, and the key is inside your panties on your frontside, and you're enclosed in very tight fabric, how do you actually reach to the key? I cannot imagine a way to do that even if you're not enclosed... (Well, aside from pulling the panties down and hoping the key ends up somewhere in your reach.)
Also, what do you need two locks for your wrists for? I'd imagine you'd use two if you used mittens, but you said you just used rope.
Also, what kind of nightie is it?
I guess I should have explained my bondage a little more. I have my hands locked in my front, just off to the sides a little. (Remember in my original post, I said I had a rope around my waist that has two loops in it? Each one is for each wrist hence I need two locks.) So I can reach everything I need to reach, it is just extremely difficult which makes it all that much more challenging plus, my hands are not real tightly bound, I do have some movement. I leave a little bit of rope on the loop so that I do have that extra movement, but it is still quite difficult. By sitting up, you have a little more extension on you hand to reach the right area. I have only done this a few times because I am usually trapped like that for a few hours trying to get out of it, LOL. As far as the nightie and slip, nothing special, usually a Vanity Fair, nylon. Then sometimes when I do this I get so excited, I may only get one of my wrist locked before I actually get myself off, LOL. As far as the locks, I use one lock for each wrist. Placing the first lock on the first wrist is easy. Trying to get the second one on is more difficult since my first wrist is locked in place, but I manage. There is just enough rope extension on the wrists to reach the other wrist to lock myself in and to unlock myself. And, if all else fails, I have the scissors close by.
Ah, so you did not lock the wrists together, but into the loops that were in the separate rope you put around your waist. And the waistband had also loops in it (for the lock that keeps the waistband tight). That explains 😊
Mmmm... I'm completely lost now.... Need to properly reread again...
Been a while since I was on here.

I place a rope around my waist and tie it with several knots. This rope has two loops in it. I slide the rope around my body so that the knots I just tied are at my back now. When I do this, the two loops that are in the rope are now at my sides towards my front a little (almost like when a prsioner wears wrist cuffs with a chaing around his waist). I also have small ropes on my wrists that also have loops in them. Once I am inside my spandex pants, I can use the locks to lock one loop on one wrist to one loop on my waist. Then I can do the same to the other wrist. It is difficult to do as the distance between my wrists is just close enough to reach with the other wrist when it is secured to the loop on my waist. Not a lot of room for error. It is difficult to get out of when using the key but not impossible. Plus don't forget, the spandex makes it very tight which makes it difficult to move around inside as well. As a last resort you always have scissors. 😟 If I can take some pics and post them I may do that.

I also created home made arm binders out of a pair of spandex pants too. Your head goes in one leg, your shoulders in the waist area and your arms go into the other leg behind your back. Just like others I have read on here. Except, I sewed the leg that is behind your back. I sewed one long stich down the length of the leg and sewed the leg shut at the end. I sewed it in such a way as your arms go in, the spandex stretches and your arms will get trapped. When you try to pull them out, the spandex moves with you becuse they are so tight. This is not an easy task to get out of once you get your arms ALL the way in and I have only done it a few times cause it is difficult to get out of. But again, not impossible. Be safe and enjoy. If you practice this one be very careful because your arms can fall asleep fast if you do not watch it, then you can really be in trouble.
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