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I have been a sometime reader since 2008, I finally joined. 67 Year old crossdresser in California. I didn't realise your based in Europe until I donated....I love the Rubber Sales sites in Germany and Great Britain, and used to have a lot of videos from BitTorrents .

My 'Avatar" is Myself at a Drag Show in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 2001, I was also in the  1976 Miss Gay South Pageant held at Vapors Nightclub in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I was a friend of Norma Cristy and the Hot Spring Premier Drag Queen...Charlie Tuna...was once my lover. What a name...Charlie Tuna!

I was there during all the Hot Springs events mentioned in the Above Article. "Tuna Starr" was called 'Charlie Tuna" by everybody. I was a Taxi Driver and a professional Tattoo Artist, and was five feet 2 inches, 112 Pounds, fitting into Size 2 with ease.

I clearly remember the Big Club- It was the Southern Club that Norma bought, and it was made a 'Historical Place" by the City just to remove us Queers. I still went there in 1984 but Twymann Hampshire owned it then. I left Arkansas for San Francisco in 1984 and proformed at a SF Drag show Halloweeh, 1984. A Heavily Tattooed Transvestite was a shock even in Gay San Francisco in 1984, !!!Even George Orwell would have said so!LOL!!!

Visiting clubs as Miss Gay America, Jones got a feel for the idea that opening a club of his own in Hot Springs might not be a bad way to make a living. In 1975, he borrowed $15,000 from a Memphis investor and opened a club called Norma Kristie's on Central Avenue, just across from the Arlington Hotel. It was the first true disco in Hot Springs, and the music and energy of the place soon drew in throngs of customers, gay and straight.

"It became very successful overnight, because it was the only bar left over there for gay people," he said. "Nobody else was playing gay dance club music except for us, so people were lined up on Friday and Saturday night, gay and straight people both, to come in the club. But it was straight people who understood they were coming into a mostly gay facility." Though the clientele of his clubs was predominantly LGBT in the early days, Jones believes the allure of gay dance clubs like Norma Kristie's and Discovery brought straight and LGBT people into close proximity every weekend and greatly promoted gay acceptance into the American mainstream.
A little wordee, but Welcome to our group.
Yes, very welcome aboard!
Great to see you here!