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Full Version: In search of a blindfold like this
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OK, intrepid shoppers - I want a blindfold like the one in the attached photo.  

(PS: about 3:50 into this video:

I've hunted on Aliexpress, found something similar in "leather", but it looks stiff.

Found the darlex version produced by BondageWebbing, but was hoping to spend quite a bit less than that one. 

Found a latex version that made the BondageWebbing version look affordable.

With all of the full lycra hoods out there on aliexpress etc. for CHEAP, I've got to think there's SOMETHING out there.

Looks like a sleep mask I use when I need to get some sleep during the day.
Ropemarks were supposed to make these but I can't find them on their store, I did find someone else making one of their similar designs though

I really want one of these too
There's a couple variations in design and materials for the kind of blindfold you're looking for. Unfortunately, I don't know of any places to get one. The one from BondageWebbing at $30 may be your best option right now. Anything made of leather will run around $50.

In the meantime, here's a few pics I found in my library of what you may be looking for.
From digging around online, it appears this is the one from the video I linked:

If I'm going $30 for the darlex one....$45 for the leather isn't so bad?