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Full Version: User titles and member seniority thresholds
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I've just noticed that I'm a 'senior member' 
And that there are some rankings to achieve these levels. 

Out of curiosity what are the thresholds. 
From junior member to posting freak??
Never looked at them 😁 Let's see here ... These are the current settings:


Any suggestions/ideas on if we should change them? Or add new titles? Or rename them? Or if anybody needs an individual title?
Interesting thanks.
Very interesting indeed.

And, as I have some way to go before I cease to be a Junior, here is my post on the matter.

I wonder if the classifications should be more perverse? After a long service of regular posting, maybe it would be nice to be monickered as 'Certified Pervert for all to see'!
I think the current classification is more neutral, because there might be some guys who do not want to be either "certified" or "perverted", but I'm open to any suggestion. Also if you would like to have more gradations, than just 5 (I belong to the 6th grade anyway 😁 )
I don't even know what my "status" is, so will make a post to see what it brings up after I press the reply button
Well that's odd...

Just spotted that my forum profile has changed and I'm no longer a multi-star 'posting freak'  Ireful 


My poor old ego is truly crushed.....

I've been demoted to newbie status by the powers that be...

Most curious

Not sure, but my profile seems to have changed as well.

Ra ? What did you do?
Hm... strange...
OK, this "thing" should be completely rethought. This is what we have right now:


The amount and type of "stars" can be assigned to each title separately. Currently there is only one star image, and the only configured amount is 1 😊

So, I'm open to any suggesstion, regarding the titles, criteria and styles of stars.
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