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Full Version: Dr Who (Missy, etc.)
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(09 Feb 2020, 09:55 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Although Jenna is my favourite Dr's companion, I did once have a thing for Ace (Sophie Aldred):

- from The Curse of Fenric 

With testosterone sloshing around and pouring out of my ears the 'glimpse of stocking' was more than enough to fire me up!   😁 


ACE was certainly an aquired taste... very Tom Boy ish most of the time..
The Sylvester McCoy era of Dr Who was "my Era" too...but sandy not the best in terms of the series
Lalla Ward (Romana) from the Tom Baker era was one of my favorites.
Apparently The Doctor's in distress in tonight's episode!

[Image: 17459]

Complex cuffs, though looks quite comfy.

Not the first time for Jodie either.

[Image: DoctorWho_12072018_2-615x346.jpg]

And also:

[Image: witchfinders-2.jpg]
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