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Full Version: Ozbondage gear
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HI people of Ra!
I would like to purchase something fromΒ
Any of you has ever purchased anything from there? Do you know the items quality? Have you ever had trouble with delivery service or refund?

Let me know your experiences; any dares will be appreciated 😊
I always admired their leather "glove-like fitting single-gloves". As far as I know, Jim Weathers uses their production on "his models". Such tight and so good quality single-gloves make no sense in self-bondage, hence no personal experience, unfortunately.
I have in mind a couple of gags and some leather straps and leather cuffs. Always useful during bondage and self bondage sessions πŸ˜‰Β  Furthermore i've always had a big thing on white leather bondage stuff, like EOFTD Blush
You can find leather cuffs/gags on Aliexpress or eBay much cheaper. Not sure about white leather, though 😊
Yeah i shop on aliexpress quite often, but i've never found white leather. I purchased a lot of "leather" straps, but none of them has ever satisfied me completely. Cheap material and they break easily. Also the gags taste nasty, never reach 2'' \ 2'' 1/4 inch and are too loose. I saved some money to buy something worthy and fancy to complete some exact scenario i have in mind πŸ˜‹Β  We all know how important details are!
I bought from Ozbondage once. It went well, quality is very good. I had a few questions and got the answers quickly...

Well, I would not hesitate to buy again from them.