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Full Version: VacBox - Where to buy?
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Does anyone know where I might still be able to find a VacBox, or have a link to a relatively easy DIY project?

I really like the idea of being somewhat suspended in space while not being able to move.


(11 Apr 2019, 17:41 )audreyspency Wrote: [ -> ]Does anybody know where I may even now have the capacity to discover a VacBox, or have a connection to a moderately simple DIY venture?

I truly like being to some degree suspended in space while not having the capacity to move.

Much obliged!


You could try Kink Engineering at

or Eurocatsuits at

I've no experience of either of these companies, so cannot endorse or comment on their products.

I think DIY could be cheaper and you could adapt one of the many plans for a vacuum bed that are on the internet aeady. The challenge (and cost) will be in purchasing the latex 'bag' and constructing a frame that is strong enough to take your weight (or the weight of whoever is in the cube)

Good luck and if you do purchase or build something please share on the forum

Hey there, I've been thinking about making one myself after making my own vacbed.
Let me tell you, going DIY is much cheaper, you save at least half the price.
The only problem I'd see with a vacuum cube would be the angles of the frame and the breathway.
For the corners of the cube's (or rectangle's) frame you'd need to do some cutting as I do not think such pipings are readily available, but as it's the frame it needn't be airtight (you could always achieve airtightness with some epoxy putty, which I'd recommend using anyway). Of course you'd also need to drill holes along the PVC pipe.
Should total at ~30$ including the epoxy, ~10$ for the PVC only. Add in 30~40$ for a dremmel-like tool if you don't own one.

For the breathway:
- a neck gasket would be easily realisable, but I think it might cause problem with height differences, and while you could then make it neck-entry it would be some trouble to get into the contraption; but has the advantage of not depending on a fastener.
If you do not wish to go through the trouble of gluing a fastener, simply have some slack on one side that you'd roll up around a stick or something. It's pretty airtight and makes for an easy and quick release.
It's hard to put into words so here's a picture that's hopefully self-explanatory


You could also go for a fastener at an edge but that'll add more cost and might be a pain to make airtight.
-You can also go for a tube, but that would limit the position as well.
-I would advise against a breathing hole as it might be hard to get it well aligned when vacuuming it up.
-The other option would be a modified gas mask, or any kind of mask that would connect to a hose, which would allow more freedom of movement and thus would be the better option for a vacuum box. You will probably need to glue the tube to the sheets to keep it airtight so I'd advise you go for a latex tube; Or you could have a more hacky design and just have some small latex "tube" protrude from a hole, pass a hose through it and wrap some wire or rubber band around that.

As far as the latex itself, seems like it would be an easy job if you intend to make a 1 square metre cube. For a cuboid meant for standing use it would require some adjustments for height, but I'd then advise a neck gasket and a "head out" design.
So 1 square metre, 6 sides. You'll need 7m of latex sheeting, you will need that extra 1m for the "roll up" edge, and even if you go for another method it'll come in handy for fixing any tears, reinforcing seams, etc so you might as well save on having to pay for shipping and waiting and have it stashed away I'd even get 8m total if you don't have any sheets handy just in case. Cut your 7m into 3m + 4m.
You could go 3-3-1 but if you chose to go with the roll up method it will result in an additional seam, and nobody likes gluing.

Oh and when making your frame, cut the PVC pipes shorter than 1m as the corners will add some odd 5cm; the slack will not matter much unless you REALLY care, but a too big frame will be a nightmare to assemble inside of the latex "bag" you're about to make. So yeah, keep that in mind and make your cube frame. Don't forget about vacuum inlet, I'd advise making it on the same edge you have your "roll up" entry to keep all the business on the same end.

Once the frame is assembled you aeady have your "bag", only need to glue at the seams: two 3m U shaped will fit right into each other to make a 1 sqmtr cube. I'd advise working edge by edge and using adhesive tape to prevent the latex sheet from slipping off and ruining your seams. You can either glue one U to another or use extra sheeting, depending on whether you care more about looks or ease of manufacture. Once all seams but the "entry" edges are glued cut half of the 1m slack of that 4m piece, glue it to the opposite side, have its end be narrower than the edge of the cube if you want (less to roll up, but also less sightly; probably has no negative impact on the airtightness either way if done correctly).

8m of 0.4mm black rubber from "radical rubber" (the cheapest I know) is under 200 USD with shipping and taxes included
If you take your sweet time it'll probably take some odd 6 hours from start to finish and while it won't look super duper premium you'll save ~300$, so unless your job pays 50$ an hour I'd say it's well worth it.

You will have to drill and cut PVC which will make dust, you will have to glue 7m worth of seams which will be frustrating, you won't have a fancy fastener or half mask attached to it; you might not even get it perfectly airtight and wonder where the leak is. But for about 300 USD and some sweat you'll have a vacuum cube to be proud of. And some remaining latex sheet, glue and a dremmel-like tool to craft some more: if you have old clothes, instead of throwing them away, cut them up and use them as a patron for making latex clothes.

Hope this helps.
Great tutorial, @whateverletmeserch! Do you by any chance have a photo of a complete cube?

I still do not understand some points, though. For example, I do understand what you do on the picture, but how to make the cube vacuumtight around the neck? Just cut a round hole, reinforce the edge with strip of latex, and use the pictured method as a separate cube entry hole?

The inspector

I’m intrigued aswell. Always wanted to try a vac box or bed! Maybe have to build one myself!