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Full Version: Various useful things on Ali/eBay/whatever
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If you find something interesting (not explicitly related to fetishes, because we have dedicated threads for that) on- or off-line, please post it here. Think of clever tools, computer gadgets, car accessories, etc.
Ok, I saw these things on eBay, and I thought them quite usefull.

Ebay(China) sells these remote devices for as little as 10 bucks.
These remotes come in 2, 4, all the way up to 16 channels.
I use a number of these in my raioad work and robotics projects.

Also, I bought these 24 volt to 12 volt power converters. These will handle up to 250 to 350 watts. Very handy to run 12 volt radios and lights off of Military power systems.
Any links or names?
12V 12Channel Relay RF Switch store: elecbuy

Radio frequency: 315MHz
Operating Voltage : 12V DC
Decode: Learning Code
Operating Type : Momentary/Toggle/Latch selectable
Relay : 10A 120VAC, 20A/14V DC
Size : 92mm x 78mm x 27mm
12CH Transmitter :
Radio frequency : 315 MHz
Operating Voltage : 23A 12VDC Battery
Decode : Fixed code, Soldering
Transmitting Distance : 800m

I have three of these that I'm using.
Works well, but almost useless over 200 meters
(26 Feb 2017, 15:55 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ] store: elecbuy
Interesting shop. Bookmarked...
365nm UV flashlight
395nm UV flashlight

Both are zoomable and made from metal. I find these UV mini-torches very useful, especially if you deal with minerals, jewellery and paper money 😉
I could use a UV flashlight.

(26 Feb 2017, 17:54 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]I could use a UV flashlight.
Buying right now for my and my wife's parents 😁
I'm getting two. Not bad device to not have two in stock.
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