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Full Version: Latex suit with neck entry
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Apparently, more and more manufacturers offer latex suits with neck entry. They claim, that entering such a suit takes them (experienced) less than a minute, however, taking it off might be difficult, once, the air has left the suit.

I have a latex suit with a zipper on the back, and I do like it. However, the zipper does not stretch and restricts forward movement, which especially transfers pressure to the front of my neck. I don't use it much for bondage, so this is uncomfortable (in a hogtie, it would not matter).

I wonder, if any of you have tried a suit with neck entry and could describe, how hard or easy it is, to get in and out. I also wonder, if attached feet and hands make a difference (even more airtight).

I also would like to know your opinion about this suit in a zipperless version.

Don't worry about selfbondage, that's my job, when I buy this suit.

Thank's in advance for any ideas.
I've got a chlorinated latex bodybag with a neck entry. Getting in is not that difficult, especially if you use a lubricant, but it takes time. The problem is that the neck part is a bit too tight on my neck, so my face bulges 😁
I've not tried a pure neck entry suit but I have one chlorinated with shoulder zips.... in and out is pretty easy and also no long zip in either front or rear.

Latex crazy seem to have a good reputation from what I've read.
That said I want a neck entry suit but would not have one with attached gloves. Too prone to damage imho.
I will have a few days off next month, so I consider visiting latexcrazy. This will be a long term project anyway, delivery times are from 6 to 8 weeks and more. And then, I can get some first-hand information and they can take my measurents too (making to measure is included in the price).

Likera, I heard, that chlorinated latex is the way to go for difficult entries, but it makes the item almost impossible to repair. I have to think about it. Easier entry means less risk for damage while putting the suit on, but if an accident happens, that's it. Minor damage to non-chlorinated latex can be fixed at home, I tried on an inflatable sleeping bag, with a patch cut from a bicycle tube.

Itxrob, latexcrazy has a very good reputation indeed, and they have many professional customers.
As for the gloves, I have a latex straight-jacket and the hardest stress is on the gloves indeed, being attached to a belt to secure the arms around the waist.

Here is, how to enter a catsuit with neck entry:
And she also shows nicely, how flexible a catsuit can be without a zipper!
(04 Jan 2017, 21:49 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]Likera, I heard, that chlorinated latex is the way to go for difficult entries, but it makes the item almost impossible to repair.
My chlorinated surfsuit was perfectly repaired by "Black body". The only thing they mentioned is the fantastic smooth silky surface 😁

And I recommend chlorinated latex for everything, not just for difficult entries. It's the only way to go.
Chlorinated latex can be repaired relatively easily. But you do need the correct adhesive and solvent do do it.
These can be purchased on eBay in small qtys easily.

Catalyst latex have an article on their site that discusses how to repair treated latex and what to expect in terms of strength etc.
I've used catalyst for most of my chlorination as I didn't fancy it diy.
Good, that I mentioned "difficult to repair". This makes the decision much easier, it will be chlorinated.
I still need to think abou the neck entry. I really like the idea, and I think, it isn't that bad.
Considering, that likera finds it easy, even if the neck is a bit tight around his neck, makes me even more confident.

After watching that series of pictures again, I think, I want a crotch zipper. There are emergencies, which can be solved swiftly with an empty bottle instead of re-dressing (and getting a lot of lubricant onto the insuspicious clothing). I am usually playing in a nice room in the basement, and there are other people in the house, who should never know, what I am doing down there.
This is the article where various glues etc were tested....
(05 Jan 2017, 22:04 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]that likera finds it easy, even if the neck is a bit tight around his neck,
It's not easy, but it's doable, and even a person as clumsy as I am can get in and out several times without ripping the condom-size neck entry 😁
There is so much said here, that I don't want to start a new thread. Anyway, direct question to Like Ra about your bodybag: What thickness is the material?
Only now I realised, that Like Ra was talking about a body bag, not a suit. So I wonder, does anyone have a catsuit with long sleeves and neck entry? How easy or difficult is it to get in and out?

I still hesitate to buy a neck-entry suit, but I think, I really want one. As I am on a budget once again, I have more time for planning. And, frankly speaking, I think, planning is half the fun.
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