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Full Version: Mobile client quote test.
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I can't seem to 'quote' from iOS opera...
Let's try a few other apps.
Nope... chrome doesn't work.
Mmmm neither does Firefox...
Ok none of them seem to work when you hit 'quote' alongside a post.
It just takes you to a blank reply box.
When I do it on PC it pastes the whole post entry between quote statements.
Strange, I remember it did work. Will have a look.
On the mobile phone, are you trying the mobile or desktop version?
Mobile layout.

Easier to read on a phone.
I've just fixed one bug in mybb - it was not possible to "quote" an entire post in the desktop version. I wonder if it's related. @ltxrob, could you please test?
Mmmm I hit quote on the post above in opera but still nothing
Not Firefox either
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