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Full Version: Need help finding a pegging strapon
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I bought my gf the SpareParts Joque Harness to use with a Feeldoe Stout.  I realize the Feeldoe was made to be a "strapless" strapon but I saw in many reviews that having a harness would be best for pegging.  I also really get turned on seeing my gf draw the strapon up between her thighs and secure it snugly with the tightening straps.  However, the Feeldoe does angle upwards quite a bit, so in this position it works best when I'm laying on my back.  Even that is a challenge because in order for her to get a decent thrust I have to hang off the edge of a bed and then we're constantly trying to balance which throws off our concentration.

The feeldoe is not long enough for either bent-over or lying-on-my-back positions.  If we do try the bent-over position the feeldoe angles up whereas I'd much rather it angle down and potentially reach my best area of stimulation.  She could use a larger dildo - I'd like to try 9'' since the feeldoe stout is approximately 6'' - but I've not found anything in that range that is double-ended for stimulating my gf.  We could try using other simulation methods but she likes the feeldoe as it is and how it operates in principal.

The closest I've found is this Vibrating Penetrix Strapon but it's only 7.5 inches.  I plan on getting it to try it out, but I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions for double-ended or double-penetration strapons that have a decent length and would work for pegging.  When I search "double-ended" strapons I see dildos that are 15'' long meant for girls to use together - perhaps this is a possibility for my gf to use 1 end but I'm concerned that it may not stay put, even with the harness.  When I search "double-penetration" strapons I usually find strapons with protrusions meant for a female's vagina and anus, which of course is not what I'm seeking.

Thanks in advance for your help.
The classic or the More... are both longer if that's what you need. Angle will still be the same though.
This one? not long enough but angel can be adjusted
Yes I see the "more" is a little bit longer but still doesn't seem long enough given my experience with the stout. I may order it and just give it a try. One thing I did discover was that although our bed is not really sufficient for a good pegging at an ideal angle I am able to lay on our night stands which appear just the right height for my gf who is shorter than me. I'Lloyd let you know how that works- but in the interim I appreciate any more suggestions.
I don't like these strapon where the tip is pointing up somehow. Seems ideal for women, not men being pegged from behind.
That's correct.  In  such case, there is  no adequate prostate masage
Then just turn it around so it points down.
If you have one of those vac u locks, just put the dildo upside down.
Yea, we do that during game, but at the begining lady want to have "right" view  with ball hanging down, etc...

But collection is growing...
(08 Dec 2016, 16:50 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Then just turn it around so it points down.
If you have one of those vac u locks, just put the dildo upside down.

I've thought of this as well - it certainly is an option.  With Vac-U-Lock I can't find any attachments that have a double-insertion so it's difficult for my gf to get anything out of that.  We tried using the Stryker because it points down.  Unfortunately it was just a bit too much for me and I was fighting it the whole way through trying desperately to accept it without having to interrupt my gf and tell her to stop.  It's strange - when I'm in the shower and I play with this attachment I can ram it into me just fine - very comfortable and stimulating.  But then it was not so great for me when she was wearing it.  I was laying face down and hunched over a night stand.  I'm 6' 5'' she's 5' 6'' so this is the best way for her to make contact with me and maintain a comfortable height for both of us.  It's possible this could put stress on my rectum whereas when I'm in the shower I'm standing up.  I'll have to experiment more and try a slightly less thick attachment.

I could lay missionary but I really hate this position because it just doesn't seem like it's meant for a man.  I'm not very flexible, and in almost all videos I've seen of guys getting pegged in the missionary position the knees are really bent, whereas girls can usually straighten their knees and it looks much more sexy.  Also even though I take great caution in cleaning my feet before we do that (have done it twice before) I still don't like my feet being anywhere near her upper body.

I'm going to try that black double-ended 7.5 inch sometime over the holidays when we're at a hotel.  Hopefully this will be a better sensation for both of us!