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Full Version: How to tie yourself to a bed that has no legs or posts?
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I'm trying to find a method that involves rope. Suppose you have a bed that has posts and no legs, it's just supported by a flat frame and a headboard. How do you tie yourself to that?

The position I'm referring to is not spread eagle, but the "cross" where both hands are tied separately to opposite sides of bed, while the feet are secured together at the bottom of the bed.

I read about one method involving putting the rope underneath the mattress. I thought about this one a bit and I think it's a bit flawed (correct me if I am wrong, I haven't even tried it yet). So let's say you have one long rope with slip knots at both ends, you put the rope underneath the mattress, insert your wrists into the slip knot loops and pull. Ok, but couldn't you just use your arms/hands to slide the rope out from underneath the mattress, above your head?

Would tying some kind of separate rope harness around the mattress help?
Question, does your mattress and box springs sit on a cheap steel frame that is connected to the headboard?
(26 Nov 2016, 16:56 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Question, does your mattress and box springs sit on a cheap steel frame that is connected to the headboard?

Well... I should have mentioned this before but im not planning to try it on my bed, im planning to try it at a hotel that i will be going to. I tried to examine the bed from the hotel pix but its hard to determine. There's no bars that's a definite. Legs are hard to make out but im guessing no.

Have you been to any hotels recently? Because they all probably have the same type of bed (i.e. headboard, no bars, etc.)

What do you suggest?
I'm in the states. California. The motel six beds sits on a frame.
Because of that, I use a device known as a deadman. What that is, a round wood rod with a strap around it. It fits between the bottom mattress or springs and the frame. On the other end of this strap is a D ring. My strap is an old belt so I can make it adjustable.
I find that 18 inches is pretty much just right.

Before I made these straps, I used my heavy tool box. But dragging three of these was a bit too much. So I made these straps.
One hotel I stayed in had a solid wooden surround at the floor and then the materass sat into it on the wooden slats.
I just lifted the mattress up a bit and tied the rope to the slats.

There are of course those ready made bondage webbing kits (Amazon/eBay) that you slip under the mattress.
Ok, you have found your answer.
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