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Full Version: MJ-SB08/2016 – Finally, a real self-bondage session
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All the fun I’d had trying to re-create bondage images didn’t come close to ‘scratching the itch’ I had for a proper long session. So, after a short break to drink some fluids and eat a light snack, I collected my ice-cubes from the freezer and set to for a proper self-bondage session

40den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
15den glossy tights
Black high-heeled boots
Long sleeved, high-necked leotard with sheath
Black PVC tape
2 pairs of my GF’s panties
10 knee-highs
Butt-plug (largest size I own)
2 spreader-bars (long and short)
3 Collars (one for my neck, two for the head-board)
D-ring shackles and snap-clips
Nipple clamps and chain
Rope- ratchet
Net bag, towel and ice-cubes
small metal ring and chain
small massager and digital timer
wrists and ankle cuffs

The session:
After stripping of my sweaty clothing from the earlier sessions and releasing my cock and balls from their taped positions (but leaving the big butt plug in place – after 3hrs inside me it seemed wrong to remove it) it was time to get started on the main part of my self-bondage day.

I love being in an ‘exposed’ bondage positon – either face down with my ass in the air or, like this, with my legs spread wide. I was feeling particularly naughty for this session and had used 2 pairs of my GF’s panties (clean ones! I might be kinky but I’m not a pervert!) as a gag, held in by a knee-high hood and lots of PVC tape.

Looks messy, but there is a logic to my layout – honest! The spreader-bar has a rope from it to the foot of the bed and back. My ice-release is also fixed to the bottom of the bed. I’ve left the collars attached to the head of the bed. In this shot I’m fixing my left ankle to the spreader-bar using a D-shackle.

I’m about to lock my right ankle onto the bar. As you can see in the top right hand of the picture I have plenty of rope within easy reach!

I wanted to be tied sitting on the bed, so used rope to bind my torso to the head-board.

Maybe this next bit isn’t for everyone, but when I’m really ‘into’ a self-bondage session I quite like to add some extra stimulation and for this I often use my nipple-clamps. These are the clover type, which pinch harder the more you pull on them in this scene they are clamped on over two layers, so without any tension they do not hurt. My plan was to ‘suffer’ if I bent my legs – the movement would cause the rope to my nipple clamp chain to tighten and ‘bite down’. I also locked a short bar between my collar and the leg spreader.

I’m ready to go and have aeady tightened up the rope ratchet attached to my wrist cuffs.

A close up of some important stuff! You can see my cock is inside the penis sheath of the leotard, as is a small vibrator on a timer. I’ve used two knee-highs to tie the vibrator to my cock. You can also see that the nipple rope is set with some tension, making sure any movement will stimulate me. Also note that the bar from my collar to the spreader is clipped in place… more on that in a moment!

Oh! I’ve pulled the rope ratchet as tight as I can and am truly helpless now, but as I move my head there is a sudden ‘click’ and I can lift my head more than before – what’s happened?


This close-up shows a strange scene – the clip attaching the two bars together has somehow sprung open and come undone. It’s not broken, just unclipped – but how? To be fair this has happened before but I can’t re-create the event to see what’s happening. But I can’t do anything to remedy the situation as I’m stuck in my bondage!

The vibrator has started its cycles – oh my! The teasing is worse (or should that be better?) than planned – the first 1minute cycle is long enough to revive my flagging erection but then it stops, 1 minute later the cycle repeats but there is no way the vibrations are strong enough to bring me to orgasm. By the time the 3
rd cycle starts I’m desperate to make something happen and start flexing my knees to ‘hump’ the plug in my ass and at the same time tug on my nipple clamps.

Ahhh! The torment!! The 3
rd cycle has stopped (it was 2minutes long and drove me crazy with lust) and I’m so turned on I could scream (those panties are doing a good job of muffling my groans).

Noooo! It’s all going wrong! After the 4
cycle the vibrator simply stops working – it should have run for another 6 cycles. To add to my dilemma the cord from the spreader bar and nipple clamps has jammed, resulting in my nipples to be pulled and clamped tight. Try as I might I can’t quite reach those clamps to either relieve the tension or stimulate my poor nipples.

How can I explain the conflicting feeling of incredibly sexual helplessness and frustration? If I was with someone (ideally my GF, but I’m now into the zone where ANYONE would be welcome) then I’d be begging them to keep teasing my, but I’m alone and there is no one to tease me or free me.

But isn’t this the perfect self-bondage? I’m stuck and so sexually aroused I just want to cum, but I can’t and I won’t be free until the ice melts.

The session rolls onwards and I’m left to bounce up and down on my ass, trying to get something from the butt-plug, which is the only stimulation available to me.

What went well?
This was a really comfortable position – I’d not tried tying myself quite like this before, but it proved very viable for a long session. I wondered if my arms would ache, but they didn’t which was another bonus.
Just getting into the ‘self-bondage zone’ was wonderful – I get a real thrill out of losing my inhibitions and letting my fantasy take over (oh how I fantasised as I waiting for the ice to melt… )
Accidentally making the nipple clamp rope ‘one-way’ tightening – totally unplanned but when this rope went tight and stayed tight it was an unexpected and therefore delightful thrill (fortunately without any consequences that could have been too painful).

What could be improved?

I still don’t know why the vibrator/timer failed – tests afterwards couldn’t replicate the reason why it stopped, I suspect the timer but can’t prove it. I need to find a more reliable solution and, for preference, a smaller more powerful vibrator.
The failing clip connecting the two bars – this was another bit of hardware that shouldn’t have caused a problem, but did. Close examination of the photos from my session confirmed I had attached everything properly, yet extensive post session testing couldn’t reproduce the way it came unclipped. Interestingly I’ve had a similar experience using these clips on my ankle cuffs (hence using a D-shackle for them) – next time I might use a padlock!
The rope to/from the rope ratchet needs changing as it is sometimes too short –I should really replace it (or even re-thread it) depending upon the session. In this session it worked well, but had run up against the end knot just as everything went tight, another 10cm would have been much better.
Oh how I wanted a bigger butt plug! I keep planning to treat myself to a longer plug, but always find a reason not to – I really must do the right thing and order one soon.
Well, that’s all for now folks – I hope you got some pleasure from my ‘home alone’ escapades.
So until next time - Play safe!