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Full Version: MJ-SB06/2016 – Recreating a full body karada style scenario
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Aside for the fact that this image includes a very pretty, naked Asian lady in lots of rope… well, it appealed to me! 😁

40den glossy closed crotch, total encasement/Zentai long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
15den shear closed crotch, total encasement/ Zentai long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
15den glossy tights
Butt-plug (largest size I own)

The session:
The real challenge I set myself was to attempt a proper ‘tuck’ as part of my preparation. Thanks to the various postings on this site I was able to do this quite effectively (surprising myself) but did add some tape just to hold things in place.

Isn’t she pretty? Ok, so I was never going to do this naked, but I opted for the next best and pulled on two of my full body (hood, sheath and gloved) bodysuits.

I didn’t like the leg bondage style, so went for my preferred cinch approach, plus the karada from earlier.  I also added ropes around my upper arms and torso, cinching those tight. In this shot I was experimenting with a simple wrist tie. 

 Sorry, but all my ‘dressing and prepping’ shots are rubbish and I only have the completed scenes to share.

The closest I could get to the image, with bound wrists behind my back and under my body.
What went well?
I was impressed by my first ‘tuck’ – I don’t really know why I enjoyed this, but it may have been the aesthetics (though not enhanced by the empty sheath of the bodysuit!). Normally I always look for some ‘stimulation’ but because that was impossible in this scene I found different pleasures.

What could be improved?

I thought I’d bust the zip on my glossy bodysuit, which prevented me properly closing the hood – as it turned out I hadn’t, so next time I will make things neater.
Having tried this once I’m sure I can improve and add more bondage – from the image it isn’t very clear how her wrists might be tied, so I improvised.
Another that I hope you enjoyed.
Play safe!