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Full Version: MJ-SB05/2016 – Recreating a ‘Bound men in feminine clothes’ artwork.
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When I first saw the drawing I was intrigued and wondered if it could be re-produced in the ‘real world’ – this is my attempt

40den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
15den glossy tights
Wet-look stockings and garter straps
Lycra body
Black PVC tape
Large red ‘stress’ ball for gag
10 knee-highs
Butt-plug (largest size I own)

The session:

My muse for the session was this imaginary lucky soul, I did consider how I might add all those ‘toys’, but didn’t wish to inflict my hairy arse on you sensitive people. Instead I settled for my largest and longest butt-plug, taped the red ball inside my mouth and donned my wet-look stockings. My new garter straps also saw an outing; these are my solution to the failed suspender belt which broke first time out. Made of metal they are much better and can be added to any leotard or body/teddy I choose to wear. 

Aeady wearing a karada harness, I’ve used a thin cord to replicate the ‘cock and ball bondage’ in the image and am now working out how to tie my legs.

A different view of my karada (another area that, through a lack of practise, I am rusty at) and my bound legs.

As you can see I had to adapt the leg bondage as there was no way the ropes would work as they had been drawn – another case of the difference between fantasy and reality when it comes to bondage/self-bondage.

As close as I could get to the drawing: My hands are bound, though once again very simply, and I can only apologise for the untidy rope work.

I thought you might like to see this image, captured half-way through untying myself - I just couldn’t resist a quick fondle with my wrists still bound… but nothing came of it!
What went well?

I had forgotten how comfortable and pleasant a karada could be – another one of those things that I stopped using for no reason but now plan to use more often.

I think I got rather close to the original image, so that pleased me. Also, I don’t normally go for this style of bondage, but actually enjoyed the novelty of it and can see possibilities.

What could be improved?
I need to neaten up my knots and rope-work – some of it was embarrassingly shoddy. I also need to think a bit more about the type of rope I use for certain areas. I have some nylon woven rope that I think would have ‘sat’ better around my body than the cotton rope I used.

Adapting this for a ‘proper’ self-bondage session – another scenario that I think could be adopted and adapted to a proper delayed release. I think I would need to add some more ropes to hold me fixed to the bed and also to better restrain my wrists. This position does leave me deliciously ‘exposed’ and has potential for a vibrator/massager to be added…

Hope you enjoyed the retelling of my session
Play safe!