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Full Version: MJ-SB04/2016 – Recreating a chair tie #2
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Another variant of the tie, but this one looked a little different, with a ‘hands in front’ style.

40den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
15den glossy tights
40den opaque brown tights
Lycra body
Black wet-look Body-con dress
High heeled boots
Large red ‘stress’ ball for gag
10 knee-highs
Butt-plug (medium sized)

The session:
The only changes to my dressing involved pulling on a pair of opaque brown tights (for reasons I can’t explain I didn’t have any black tights!), and swopping my gag out for a red ball.

My muse for the session was this lovely lady, who qualified as an EOTD when I first espied her. Oh, and I made my dress look shorter – tart that I am!

Roping my lower legs and making sure the cinches are comfortably tight

Rope on my upper legs... and you can stop looking up my dress! 😉

Thighs tightly bound again – that feels so unbelievably sexy. By the way, those aren’t pearls around my neck, it’s a rope for use later.

Working the rope around my arms and above my elbows. You can just spot the rope looping around my neck rope for use later.

…and once again I’ve run out of rope!   Dash2
What went well?

The opaque brown tights (cheap from Aldi) did a great job of pretending to be black!

I proved the concept and enjoyed the tie, despite leaving myself short of rope… again!

What could be improved?

Yet again I ran out of rope... stupid, Stupid, STUPID! I should have reset and gone again, but was too eager to try other things. Obviously I’m rusty after months of not playing!

I think this tie can be successfully converted into a proper self-bondage session, with a delayed release – another project for my next ‘Home Alone’ session.

Hope you enjoyed my session as much as I did - flaws and all!
Play safe!
(06 Nov 2016, 17:03 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]…and once again I’ve run out of rope! 
Oohhhh.... nooo!!! 😁

BTW, what was your idea about the delayed release here? I could not come out with something reliable, hence never done any chair ties.
(06 Nov 2016, 22:50 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ][quote pid='23491' dateline='1478448208']
BTW, what was your idea about the delayed release here? I could not come out with something reliable, hence never done any chair ties.


I had two ideas:

  1. Using a pair of handcuffs
    - with my hands in front I would cuff one end through the knee rope (acting as a tether point) and then close the other end around my wrist coils, effectively cinching them tight and making it impossible to get free without a key. The key itself could be hanging above on an ice/magnetic/clock release so that it would drop down to hang by my bound wrists. Or and alternative would be to leave the key somewhere in the house and have to shuffle and crawl my way to freedom

  2. Using a rope ratchet
    - this would require some additional bondage to hold me in the chair and also to hold the chair to some immovable object (the bed?). I would create a loop in a rope and use that to form a cinch around my wrist ropes and under the knee ropes. by pulling on the ratchet (attached to another distant solid object such as a radiator) the loop would cinch down my wrists and pull them tight to the knee rope. Until the ice melted and freed the ratchet tether I would be stuck.