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Full Version: One way ratchet
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Bought an interesting, unexpensive one-way device allowing to pull rope one way only. 
Actually, not sure it could bear full body weight, however it could be useful for self bondage scenarios.


Bought it directly from a chinese page, however seen the same thing on ebay and others. 
The supposed use is to adjust ceiling lights height to grow stuff but there may be more creative uses of it 😊
Have looked at these. They normally claim to have a reasonable load limit... but never seen one in real life.
Would I suspend myself with it?? No.
I've got a pair of them, I used them, and they are still intact 😉
They actually feel quile sturdy. They claim load of 40kg each, deffinitively not enough for full suspension. However, I guess quite more force would be needed to rip them up - I am affraid I could not do so even if tried hard. So it could work great for a selfbondage on the bed or floor 😊
I use one (brought from Aldi) and they are fine as devices to tether you to a bed or similar (see here for an example) So far it has been surprisingly robust and is one of my best value buys 😁

- but obviously no way would I use it for suspension  ❗

I bought a couple more robust ones in Gamma, they claim to be able to hold 120kg and I did suspend myself with one so they do hold. I use them all the time, I'm thinking of making some kind of sleeve for them to block access to the release, that would allow more variation of ties.
Cut up 500ml water bottle?
Rope passes through the neck block is stuck inside so you have to wait for the ice to release... no fiddling allowed.
Careful! I like these ratchets, but I would not trust my bodyweight to them. 120 kg sounds enough, but to what standard? If you start moving and struggling, the pull on the ratchet can multiply easily.
These ratchets are not intended for suspension, but for the SRD replacement.

This thing should work for suspensions, though it does not have any ratchets 😟

You could use something like this for suspension:

They usually have a break so you have to pull for both ways, up and down. And you can lock it using a padlock in the smaller chain...
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