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(18 May 2021, 10:21 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Butt-plugs! I see butt plugs everywhere!!!
Just click "Install" 😂

Left-brained "poeple"? "poep" is "shit" in Dutch. Is it because the butt-plugs on the screen have holes inside? 😬
You see this drawing by Sardax...


...and think 'Is that Delia Smith?'

Edit: I don't think Delia's reflection works?
You see this on a walk and immediately see the real purpose of clamps  😋

(12 Jun 2021, 22:15 )no smile Wrote: [ -> ][Image: post_17404_1623532464_ddfcfb0dc9bad1d657..._thumb.jpg]   

Cool! Where is it?
It was an ephemeral sculpture in the chaudfontaine parc. (Belgium).

I believe it has now been removed and replaced by another.
Let’s see. Hmmmm.....
Clothes pin on Mother Earth !!
Kinky to say the least.
I wonder, if you wiggle the clothes pin, will that cause an earthquake or in a kinky way, an Earth Orgasm?
Apparently this is for Pilates... really?
Of course. Pilates by mr BDSM..
Like aerobics with Jane Fonda
(25 Aug 2021, 10:20 )steve6322 Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently this is for Pilates... really?

I'm especially impressed by the fact that it comes with a '...Full Trapeze...'  which just proves that every Pilates class I've ever seen was a complete sham, because they never had this vital piece of equipment!  Lol Lol Lol Lol  

I would rush out and buy one, but the price is a tad.... steep?  Shok

Good find

Quote:It was an ephemeral sculpture in the chaudfontaine parc. (Belgium).
It was certainly a lot more interesting than than the current ephemeral artwork next to Marble Arch in London.


Because nothing's going to entice well-heeled shoppers back to a post-COVID West End better than the opportunity to pay up to £8 each to climb a £6,000,000 (55% over budget) fake hill, deliberately designed to look half-finished. No wonder the Mayor of Westminster resigned.

What is it with the UK? Why do we screw it up every time? Apparently people are now visiting it just to see how crap it really is  Rolleyes2

Edit:  I'm told that's an early pic taken when it was in its prime and that now all the trees are nearly dead.
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