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Full Version: rain gear
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in the Plastic part of the forums there is a thread about wearing plastic capes when it rains.
I don't like that. Especially when going to work. Arriving all sweaty is fun when you have a shower. But if you don't and you have to spend the rest of the day with colleagues, ... it's kinda nono.
But wearing a helly hanssen or whatever brand you prefer because it is waterproof and breathable fabric is no fun either.
So I started thinking. What sports are wet and require clothes?
Swimming and all derivates... swimsuits are not really clothes. But fun to wear, especially the woman's. Sadly it's a nope
Surfing and all derivates... neoprene... ow yeah... but not really wearable when going to work sadly enough.
Kayak... back to neoprene, bummer
Sailing... now here it becomes interesting. They need to stay dry and are in a very wet environment. Started looking what the possibilities were and I found some of the jackets have rubber seals for the sleeves and some even for the waist.
I ended buying a nice jacket for sailors with rubber seal in the sleeves, very adjustable (so you can make it tight, I love that feeling)
Just a tought for other people who want to sneak some fetish in their life without being frowned upon 😉
Wear a swimsuit under your clothing.
Wear nylons or panty hoes under your pants.
If your going to be wearing a jacket for most of the day, you can wear a bra.
Same for a heavy loose shirt or sweater, wear a bra.
Kayak kit isn't just neoprene.

Most people wear dry cag or dry suits... Breathable, sealed and latex cuffs and collar.

And for the record most neoprene isn't entirely waterproof ... They are slow semi porous, the work by trapping a layer of water next to the skin that doesn't flush out quickly to keep you warm in the water.
But all this aside. I've been trying to think of a better jacket/coat to walk the dog in.... Sailing kit will now be researched. Thanks.