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Full Version: Cockrings
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So I've been playing with these for a few weeks now.
Started with a simple stainless ring that was for marine equipment from eBay
And have since got some better ones that are definitely intended only for that purpose

All are stainless steel and 45mm diameter.
The most comfortable one is a 15mm wide flat tube with quite a thick wall.
The most interesting is one of those teardrop shaped ones that hug the whole groin..this stores a lot of body heat too..feels very warm at the end of the day.

With suitable subduction I've been able to wear them pretty much all day without issue...
Longest is probably 7am to 11pm so about 16 hrs.
Currently on my 5th consecutive day wearing it for that sort of time.

Has anybody else played with cockrings?
I played with a rubber type cockring. But i once read its not a wise decision to use cockrings for a long period of time. Since they block the blood vessels and your nerve might be problem. And it should be use only for 30 min. Didn't know if your cockring is not that tight. But i hope your cock is fine. Huhu and i think using chastity belt is better. Hahaha. Your balls soo pain if u erect.
No the blood can flow in and out fine.
If I get an erection things get tight, but I can relax and after a few minutes everything goes back down to normal.
I could not go any tighter that's for sure then there would be a risk of cutting blood supply off.

Chastity devices are fun too.
Got a few of them that I play with at times.
I use the same size ring on those, but am restricted from getting an erection there so it's a different King of fun.
This was delivered today. It was a tight struggle to get it on, but as soon as I had it settled on, oh wow... I decided to forgo the lube when putting it on, and that made everything feel like my entire crotch was being strangled within the most sensual fully-encompassing tug of life and death. My cock was the angriest-looking its ever been! I only lasted about 15 minutes with it on, I had to excuse myself and explode in private. This was soooo worth the ~$30. I’m going to wear it again when sheathed in pantyhose. I’m guessing I’ll look amazing!

P.S. This thing is made of stainless steel and weighs a delightful ton. Tug. Tug. Tug.  😁
I've got one, see 😉

Is it you on the photos? Very smooth!
No, not me. But I’ll post some real ones once I use it again with some encasement! I bought mine from koalaswim.