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Full Version: Girls in high heels (photos, videos)
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A dedicated thread for girls in heels.

There are separate threads for:
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Just found this photo and discovered, that we do not have a separate thread for girls in high heeled shoes:


I love the shoes! But they look like it's impossible to walk in them.
Love the shoes!




Amazing vids. enjoy
The ballet boot stuff of her is not anymore on YouTube 😟

The inspector

(14 Mar 2020, 22:50 )B1u3 Wrote: [ -> ]The ballet boot stuff of her is not anymore on YouTube 😟
Do you know if it is on any other site?
I wish I could stand on such heels (walking in those shoes especially in latex stockings is an ultimate dream):


Jim weathers, of course...
I wish it too. But having aeady walked in (not that much) high heel with latexed feet, ultimately, I always slide into the socks having more and more tension on your toes which is not good four your latex sadly...
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