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Full Version: Box tie
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Just noticed that we do not have a dedicated "brainstorm" thread for the Japanese style box tieĀ self-bondage techniques.


See also:

Modification of Nancy's Shibari selfbondage Box Tie
Alternative box-tie version. It's quite simple and might work for self-bondage:


To simplify it further - the elbow cuffs can be removed.
A thought...
In the second image the chains go from wrist, through the elbow cuffs to the collar..
The idea.
Same basic setup, but have an electro magnet on the collar. Pass rope from wrist as in image up to a ratchet/TRD (1 per side)
As you pull the rope with the opposing hand, the wrist will be moved to the elbow and the elbow will be pulled into the back by the shortening of the dimension to the collar. Do both sides and you are stuck until the 9v battery degrades enough to weaken the electromagnetics.
You know, the elbow cuffs don't have to be tight.
The only reasion for the elbow cuffs are to keep the arms in place.
Another possibility is two wrist-to-elbow handcuffs:


Release possibility depends on the lock type and position. Should be very easy to get in, should be very comfortable when locked, and no idea what then šŸ˜
Also, a solution from bondage webbing can be used.
(18 Jul 2016, 13:14 )LikeĀ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Also, a solution from bondage webbing can be used.

I want a lot of that stuff.
(18 Jul 2016, 13:14 )LikeĀ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Also, a solution from bondage webbing can be used.

I've just received my order from bondage webbing for theĀ self bondage box tie harness, I also got a couple of the self bondage cuffs too, once I've tried them out I'll report back with my findings šŸ˜
How do you get out from that bondage webbing? Seems like there is no escape when alone?
They have a one-way latch sorta thing. It's like loosening a backpack strap.
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