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Full Version: Sleep sack darlex
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My darlex sleep sack is coming tomorrow and I will not be delayed in playing with it.
What if, before hand, I put a vertical row of dry wall screws in the closet wall spaced every 6 inches. And sticking out about 2 inches. Then put zip ties, tye wraps through each sleep sack zipper tab.
I would zip it up and down by hooking the zip tie loops over the dry wall screws.
Can you hobble much in a darlex sleep sack? If lying down, can you stand up in it?
(06 Jun 2016, 01:42 )bigwhit Wrote: [ -> ]Can you hobble much in a darlex sleep sack? If lying down, can you stand up in it?
It mostly depends on personal abilities, then the sack. I do not have a darlex sack, but I often tie myself up in a similar way. To stand up I usually need a heavy object (usually a bed) to lean upon with my head. Hobbling, crawling, jumping is possible for some extent, but beware of stumbling and loosing balance.

Always try first while not inescapably bound, of course.
This all sounds very exciting, but I agree with Ra that a 'safety run' should be tried first, just in case something silly happens - like a loose thread jamming up a zipper!

I'm intrigued by your darlex sack - do you have links to the shop/manufacturer?

The sleep sack came from They are great folks. The sack was too small to pull over my shoulders so I didn't do much with it but try it on briefly.
I came up with a way to work the zipper. Tried it while holding up the suit..
I had a baseball size rubber ball. Drilled a hole in it to fit a wood screw eye bolt with super glue on the screw threads. Got a couple of yards of cord they use for lacross stick nets, a woven cord that seems really strong and about 1/16" dia. Threaded one end of cord through zipper and tied a square knot that I super glued. Had 3 to 4 feet of cord to the eye bolt on the baseball. To get the zipper down, I jump up and down and the weight of the ball pulls the zipper down. To zip up, you throw the ball and string over your shoulder to your back and bounce up and down. The tugging impact the ball makes on the cord when you hop pulls the zipper up. All the cord knots were super glued to assure the knot integrity.
Too small??? Does that mean it's no good for you?
Or just too tight for solo use?