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Full Version: Moral Maze - what would you do?
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Here's an image that fired my fetish imagination.

[attachment=18978] - ambiguous, but inviting?

This is the dilemma:

It's late in the office and you're the last to leave. Waking through the deserted room you spot a light on in a room that you've never noticed before. being an environmentally aware sort of person you decide to switch it off, but when you open the unlocked door you see the image posted above.

On top of the desk are a pile of condoms and tubes of lube, alongside them is a post-it note on which is written 'Please use them and me, I want you to take me up the ass - please do it, PLEASE DO ME!'

Due to the bondage and position you can't decide if the person is male or female - all that is showing are the legs and a neat, clean, anus.

What are you going to do?

It's a guy.
Easy to tell. The butt is too small for the legs, and too hairless to be female.
For me Poll needs a "more info required before judgement can be made"
Ie self imposed or tricked/trapped
I'd prefer to put my name down for being next. looks lovely.
I would you a butt-plug or a strap-on - a simple intercourse is boring. But before I would try to check how it all "works", and if the person inside is OK. And I would make a lot of photos ;P

If we go "deeper" (ha-ha!), it's not you, who's going to "use" the "poor victim", but the bound person is going to use you for his/her own pleasure, unless it's a real victim and is forced to be in this position against his/her will. Hence, check first.
if only those legs were wrapped in something tight and shiny (preferable latex but spandex would do as well 😉
Yes, plus high heels.
Come to think of it, I would hide a camera somewhere and see who does what to that.
Well, this sounds like even more fun 😁

OTOH, do not forget janitors, who are mostly women.
But I don't see a dildo or a strap on.
Just standard nick-nacks.
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