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Full Version: Do we need a buy/sell/trade subforum?
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Do you think that having a buy/sell/trade subforum is a good idea?  For example, I have an leather corset, that I bought 10 years ago, but used it only a couple of times, because it's too big for me. I'd like to trade it for something smaller, or sell it.

Or think of:

o- "I bought a latex catsuit, but it's too small/big/wrong colour"

o- Someone bought a party of 10 cheap NEW funny butt-plugs on Alibaba, and wants to sell 8 UNUSED ones? :😁 

o- "I've designed a cool electronic time-lock and can sell them for $10 plus delivery"


o- no registration on trading sites needed
o- no eBay fee
o- nobody with eBay access to your account will see what you buy/sell
o- to have some kind of a fraud protection, PayPal can be used

Any thoughts?
BTW, it shouldn't be necessarily related to fetish/bondage stuff only 😉
I've used FS boards on other forums.... So why not here too.
A few ground rules though worth noting.
If it's sold either delete the thread or edit it to show sold
Don't rip people off
Hey Ra,
What size corset ?
How much....
And the last thing is.....
How do I get money to you?
Marks, Yen, American cash or .......
(04 May 2016, 00:14 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]What size corset ?
How much....
I need to dig out all the info, find all 6 suspenders (one of the reasons I bought this corset), make some photos, assess the condition, post a thread, etc 😉
(04 May 2016, 00:14 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]How do I get money to you?
The easiest is Paypal.
(03 May 2016, 22:44 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]If it's sold either delete the thread or edit it to show sold
I do not like deleting any info, the usual rule is to tag the thread with [SOLD], [FOR SALE], [AVAILABLE], [WANTED] or something like that.

(03 May 2016, 22:44 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]Don't rip people off
Yes, very important!
Let's start with a single forum in a separate category. Please keep voting!
I like the idea. So far, I have experienced this forum as one of the most civilised on the internet, so it should work! (haha, perverts are much more civilised tham musicians for example 😁 )

The rules look fine, I think, the "lamp-post" idea is just right. I think, disputes should be dealt with privately. Even anything close to rating should not be allowed. A simple "thank you" or so should be fine of course.

Payment with paypal sounds reasonable too, unless someone can pick up the item in person. I only wonder, how issues between non-commercials are handled. It is probably worth reading the conditions...

I ticked "yes and I will use it". "use" might be just looking, but I can't really tell.