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Full Version: emergency out method - and do good
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Just daydreaming, but...

Need an emergency release of the foul liquid variety? Have some tech skills?

take apart an old mouse and solder wires to the contacts for the button.
Tape over the movement sensor. Now plug it in along with a second mouse to a pc.
The free ends of the wires go to a mercury switch secured to a container. Drop key in container.

Log into and start through the donation process. Put in an amount large enough you're uncomfortable with it.

put the mouse cursor over the last button to be clicked to confirm.

To get the key you're going to have to part with some cash.

revisiting this I think I've found a VERY safe backup safety.

set up computer out of reach. Plug two mice into it (yes, that works).

Your modified mouse's button goes to two contacts in a block that IS in reach, shorted by the key.
The contacts could be something as simple as two tacks.

During setup, use the normal mouse to move cursor over final button.

Then place key over the contacts.

if you move the key, the contact breaks, and away goes the rent check.

Once you've gotten out by the time release, use the normal mouse to move the cursor to an innocuous spot and then retrieve the key.

'buttons' in computer software only activate if the mouse comes up when over them.

This method doesn't make you depend on the computer -it fails safe. If your computer goes into power saver mode, or a popup appears, or it just decides to reboot, or the Gods aren't with you in any of a hundred ways, ten there's no penalty for simply picking up the key.

I'd probably put the key on a fairly large ring - the sort of thing shops put their bathroom key on. Can you reach the key and insert in the 'release' lock and turn when your circulation's cut off, you have cramps, you've been blinded by ill planned bit of self punishment, ....?
One final thing - why send the money to Likera instead of some charity working for something you'd really not want to support? Because these are games, folks. We want to do good in the world, not evil.

And you know, if you're activitating a backup release, that's a good sign we need spaces like , cause your primary release failed.
(22 Mar 2016, 02:34 )lugnuts Wrote: [ -> ]Log into and start through the donation process. Put in an amount large enough you're uncomfortable with it.
Comfortable amounts are also welcome 😁