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Full Version: Robotic enema Buttplug
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Sorry all, I have no idea where to put this but here.
This idea hit me last nite, and here is my thoughts.

What I would love to see and try is a penis shaped buttplug that has a hole for an enema tube. Simple enough, I see them on eBay all the time.
But what I want is a thin plug with a somewhat a fat head that can be slid in with ease. Again, I can find these on eBay.

Hang in there....

Now, what I want is a dildo that is thin, with a head, hollow for a ridge enema tube. Now for the robotics. Once the gets inside, I want the head to grow, allowing the anus to draw the dildo inside. After the head thickens, another section inflates, drawing the dildo even deeper inside the anus.

This continues till the whole dildo is drawn inside and the base of the dildo seats itself in place on the outside the anus and the inner is inflated to make a seal. Once that is done, the enema starts and stays in place till the dildo deflates small enough it can slide out.

This is just an idea.

I would love to be tied and struggle while a robotic dildo works itself inside my anus and then gives me an enema.

Your thoughts?
(05 Mar 2016, 23:58 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to be tied and struggle while a robotic dildo works itself inside my anus and then gives me an enema.

Your thoughts?

Me too. !!!!!
Does anyone have an idea on how to make one ?
A series of inflatable doughnuts on a skinny hollow shaft.
Insert the tip and inflate it manually to retain it , the next 6 (?) rings are linked to an air source and an arduino controller.
These slowly inflate and deflate in a wave sequence. This will pull itself in and out of the wearer
I'm not sure it will work without additional pulling or pushing forces. And/or the rings should be cone shaped. Have you ever played with double-balloon enema nozzles? If the inflatable "bubble" is somewhere in the middle of your sphincter, it cam move either way or even stay in place, until you squeeze the bubble.
I agre with Ra,

I think the donut-approach won't easy slide in because it goes step by step and not continuous.

Maybe the following approach could work:


I would use the enema-tube as "spine" of the plug (blue) and a firm head made of rubber, plastic, etc. (red).

The swelling could be done by some bags along the spine (yellow), which are filled from the front through the tubes (green).

The sphincter (violet) would seal the bags towards the base.

The skin of the plug is not shown in my drawing.

To fill the bags one would need some grease or gel, which could be applied using a syringe. I think, water wouldn't inflate only the front part but leak throuugh the compression filling front and back to the same amount.

If you would use three bags like shown in the drawing and additional three bags filled from the back, maybe it would be possible to generate some fucking motion by inflating and deflating the two sets alternating.

The material looks too fluffy 😉 But 3D printing is a good idea.
Saw a clown at a kids party the other day. He was making balloon critters with uses long balloons.

As he blew up the balloon, I thought of the dildo.
I wonder if would work with an enema tube.