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surplus electronic fence units for dog collars
A word to the wise, electric-shock pet collars are illegal in parts of Europe so be careful if you're thinking of importing this.  There was a case in Wales a while ago where a guy was facing nearly a year in prison for the use of one but got off with 'just' a £2000 fine.
Good to know. "But your honor, I was only going to use it on my self".

AFAIK they're perfectly legal here. I saw one recently in a ranch supply store.
A  quick Google tells me they're illegal in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Germany as well a Wales. The Welsh law has a maximum penalty of a £5k fine and 51 weeks in prison >.<

"But your honor, I was only going to use it on my self"
A bit like carrying a concealed handgun and claiming "But your honor, I was only going to use it on criminals" I think; that defence might work in a few redneck areas of the Benighted States but it won't in Europe 😉
But I *do* live in a redneck area of the united states 😉

Depressingly, a guy was wearing a gun on his hip in a restaurant the other day - all normal, and quite legal, here.
I'm in North Calif. We use them here, and we in North Calif DO sport our guns.
We don't care what the flat landers say.
When the nearest cop is more than 20 min away, the sound of a shotgun racking a round is more than enough to save your life.
And they still come, 19 balls of 00buck will.

If you want to take away my gun? Fine, I'm moving in with you.