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Full Version: alternative spread-eagle
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Much kudos to Bobbi for this one -

[attachment=17622][attachment=17623][attachment=17624] - Bobbi is one of my self-bondage inspiration sources. I may not share every aspect of Bobbi's lifestyle, but I love to read the posts. Best of all, all of what Bobbi does is real and achievable, unlike much of what you see on the internet. 

Follow this link to Bobbi's site for the instructional text and more

I've also just come (cum?) across this image which has real potential for self-bondage

[attachment=17692] - An automated spread-eagle pulley system

My idea is that you have two remote controls for the winch. The first is by your right/left hand and is to be used to tighten up the rope/cable. The second is suspended up and away from your hands, but when released (ice for preference) will drop down to be within easy reach.

Get yourself into position (aeady gagged and plugged as per you personal preference) with wrist and ankle cuffs on, just as in the picture.

Fasten the very lowest rope/cable as shown, this stops you wriggling up the frame.

Attach the rope/cable to your ankles cuffs and thread through the pulleys and wrist cuffs, but leave yourself enough slack to move around and complete both sides.

Connect the two ends (one for your left and another for your right sides) to the pulley hook.

Take a deep breath... Confused

Operate the winch using the remote control to tighten up the rope and cable until you are comfortably spread (or a little more if you really want to!)

Take another deep breath... Confused

Throw the remote away and now you're really stuck until the second remote is released and you can un-wind the rope/cable from the winch 😁

As a good safety measure you should add some sort of ice release into the rope/cable arrangement to ensure that if the winch or remote fail there is always a release mechanism

Any takers?

Not bad.
Cool 😊
(20 Jan 2016, 14:51 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Operate the winch using the remote control
This part worries me. Both from technical and safety perspective.
Yea, the winch part I'll do without. Weights and rope-stops is safer.