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Full Version: makey makey and games
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Somebody asked in an old thread if there was a way to rig up a computer game so you'd have to win it to be released.

Here's how I'd do it:

Perversion, thy name is makey makey!

This handy gadget turns almost anything into a keyboard.

There are many 'game maker' systems out there. Most are aimed at youngsters, finding one that you can figure out shouldn't be hard.

I recommend a 2D game.

Mix one with a makey makey, and have the game always have a black square in a corner of the screen. When you win it goes white.

Most of the makey makey demos on their video are wired with alligator clips. I'd suggest more durable construction if your release depends on it. 

Put a light activated socket against the screen and run it to an electromagnet key drop. When the square goes white, the magnet shuts off, and the key drops (light activated sockets turn on when it's dark). Definitely do NOT get the motion activated kind. Woods 59407 would work.

Now, NEVER depend on a computer for your safety.  Computers fail all the time. You MUST have an independent backup release like an ice lock, and you MUST have a third emergency 'get me out of here now' escape.

Obviously you can also use the light socket trick to plug in various other toys. Just think about what happens if your zapper unit gets stuck in 'on' when your computer crashes. This really, really, really needs a 'get outta here now' escape.

If you want to exchange a bit of extra complexity for added security and not having your screen have stuff taped to it, buy an old monitor at a garage sale and permanently glue the sockets to tubes and the tubes to the monitor's face. Plug in old monitor to SVGA port (same port used by a projector) and operate in 'duplicate display mode'

Reminder - disable your screen saver!

OK, just for fun, post some scenarios using this gear in reply, and if one tickles my fancy I'll write the relevant game, perhaps edited for practicality. "Tickles my fancy" includes the game being simple enough to knock out in a few hours, so think simple. And again, sorry Like Ra, if you'd rather the scenario replies went in scenarios, please direct people there. This seemed 'techniques'.