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Full Version: pipe clamp abuse
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I needed pipe clamps for a "normal" purpose and figured, that they can be useful in bondage and even selfbondage.

Sizes range from very small to 120 mm where I got them. Around 60 mm fits well around my wrists, a little larger around my ankles. I could even fit the 120mm around my neck, but I will be very careful with that.

As you can see, the clamp has one screw to close it and another one to attach it to something. That second screw can be replaced by a normal screw, usually M8 or M10. If you fit two of these clamps to a rod, you can tie someone's hands or legs. You could even attach the rod to the wall or whatever.

And now the best: It can be used in self-bondage too! I used an aluminium rod with one hole near each end. I used 60 mm screws to attach the clamps, but added a nut to the side of the screw that is opposite the clamp it holds. Once the screw is in completely, there is still space to move the clamp back and forth. In order to stop that, I only had to tighten the nuts. I tried to handle the nuts and screws from the hand trapped in the secured clamp, it is not possible. However, with a wrench, it is fairly easy. The biggest challenge is to get the screw into the nut of the clamp, when the hand is in the clamp aeady. I had to rest the screw head against a wall and rotate my wrist in order to "grab" half a round of the thread. From there, it is fairly easy. Use the wrench to screw in the screw (hex-head of course), then tighten the nut. Drop the wrench and you can't escape.

The prices are in the range of a few euros, less than 10 euros for screws, bolts, an aluminium rod and two clamps. Of course you could add clamps for the ankles to make it a bigger challenge.

Photos to follow.
Are you nuts?
First, hose clamps that connect water hoses to the engine block are very sharp, and it will cut into your wrist.
Why not just slit your wrist with a knife? That what can happen with these clamps.

No. I don't think so.
Nah, he's not nuts at all. I use similar ones too.They are not that sharp. I got some chafing from struggling, but never a cut.
Strappado is even smarter than I am, he linked them with a rubber protector strip.
Even the open edges are not sharp but well rounded. I paid two cents more to get the good ones 😁
So the ones you have a rubber edge like chastity belts ?
If so, then I am wrong and for ghat, I offer an apology.

Just don't ask for a cake.
awwww, but I like cake
This project is still in an experimental stage. I don't think, I will enjoy the full potential of these clamps because they can be just a bit too secure if something goes wrong. I also figured, that after a while, the stiffness of the clamps becomes quite uncomfortable.

As promised, here is a photo - hogtie device. Left pair of shackles for the hands, right pair for legs:


This variation is not good for self-bondage, because the shackles cannot be unscrewed, when attached to someone, and the screws on the sides are hard to reach, with or without tool. When the screws aren't tight, it is possible to open the shackles, but it is not exactly easy, especially, when you cannot see them. Just one pair of shackles attached to each end of the bar is no problem, you can reach the screws or nuts with a wrench, perhaps even with your fingers (and you would screw them so tightly, that fingers would not help).