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Full Version: Starting to draw again :P
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Hey all i have been thinking these last days that i wanna start expanding my drawing skills, improving them is needed for my future work and lately i have been focusing on the human body and i figured i might as well draw some kinky stuff too :😋ut there are so much to choose from so i though that you guys could give me some ideas and i will start drawing them and then i will post em up and see what u guys think 😋
(07 Dec 2015, 02:42 )gunz Wrote: [ -> ]i have been focusing on the human body
What about something not far from a naked body: girls/boys in one-piece swimsuits, and pantyhose on legs/arms? Latex and bondage can be added later 😉
awrite a body in a swimsuit sounds like a good starter 😋 dot know about the pantyhose cuse it's hard to make them look right but we'll see
For me, I like boys and girls in japanese maids outfits, and colorfull uniforms.
All art of course. Don't know why, fun uniforms always turned me on. And all a little rope to the mix, all the better.

But that's just me.
I have to agree with you TinderD I'm allready starting to sketch out a forced "sissy maid" type or what i should call it 😋
Can't wait 😋