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Full Version: Plugged on the daily or maybe 24/7
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Hey guys long time sins i been active here now 😋 just wanted to share a little thing i been doing for a while now and that is being plugged on the daily or you could say almost 24/7 for the last 2 months atleast. And at this stage i almost feel like there is something missing if i go to get some grocery shopping done or going for a jog or whatever. it's a realy nice sensation having something up there at all times reminding you and giving you a little stimulation everytime you move. 
So for everyone who wanna try something new in your daily life i would REALLY recommend this 😊 But you have to clean and relube on a regular to i tend to do this everytime i have to go on the number 2, showering or in the morning/evening.
attaching a picture of the plug i recommend for this use it's a metal one with a big end and a rather thin in the middle so it will be comfortable to wear
What lube do you use for long term wear like that?
Longest I've worn one for was 3-4 hours, but that was a more traditional rubber/vinyl style one, and I know I felt empty the following day!!

I've wanted to try the metal jewel ones as the 1cm neck will make them very easy to accommodate, but with water based lube it will dry out and make removal awkward.
At the moment im using a siliconebased lube. and this works wonders at times i can use it for atleast 8 hours and the lube is still somewhat there and i dont realy have to relube.
and i also started off with a rubber/vinyl style but for longer wear it just dosnt work for me. they slip out to easily or you have to use the right lube and siliconbased often destroy plugs like that so you have to relube very often. so if you wanna start doing this i recommend you getting a metal plug or maybe one in glass :😋nd use siliconelube, maybe oil lube would work aswell havnt tried that yet
(05 Dec 2015, 09:48 )gunz Wrote: [ -> ]oil lube
Oil may stain your clothes.
I use the same metal plug, with a big purple diamond.
With ordinairy lube and no need for re-lube i can where it for more than 24 hours.
I've been looking on Aliexpress. There are plenty of those gem plugs on there. Triple packs too so that you can get small, med and large.
May well give them a go.
Oo nice. gonna have to check that out for myself i guess. And yeah you should try them yourself hehe. also like AshleyBoots mentioned with the metalplug u rarly have to relube wich is nice 😋
Be sure it'e pure metal. It may be expensive. The cheap one is made of  plastic covered with thin metal layer. I'm also looking for a cheap solid metal 😊
I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't keep any plug in me at all.
Those that can, must not eat a lot. Me, I can eat a cow every day. But I do lay a rather long churu or log afterwords. So an anal plug is pretty much out of the picture for me.
If you lay off the carbs/sugar, after about 1-2 days, you will slow down to having to go ever 3-4 days...
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