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Full Version: Ice stocking cuffs
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Saw this on pinterest.  I thought this was an interesting idea.  Anyone tried it?


The ice in the stocking toe keeps the stocking anchored, and you can pull the other end which is wound through double rings (like the ring device) to tighten the cuff.

I guess the downside would be you can mess with the ice with your hands while bound, speeding the melting (or tearing the stocking).
Sample usage:

Looks very interesting. The only problem I see is that the ice is in direct contact with the skin.
(04 Nov 2015, 16:06 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Looks very interesting. The only problem I see is that the ice is in direct contact with the skin.

...and that cold, cold water dripping down your back!

Interesting idea with many options for use.

I wonder if there is an alternative to ice that could be safely used? Some element that is solid at, say, 5c or thereabouts, but then melts/evaporates slowly at body heat?

Any ideas?

Sugar. You will stay bound until it rains or you manage to get under the shower 😉

Also you can bound yourself inside a latex bodybag. To get out you will have to dissolve the sugar with your sweat or piss.
Looks too easy to get out of.
And, yes. You can get ice burns from the ice on your skin if left too long.
But the idea is a good one.
Here is another variation, where the ice ring is eliminated and instead the double ring itself is used to stop the ice.  It was posted on a Japanese self-bondage blog.
And this cuff is interesting.  It has a built-in double ring device so the ice sock can be pulled one way but not the other, so the cuff just gets tighter.

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