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Full Version: Delayed Freedom
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I do not like fixed delays for release (ice timer, electronic devices etc.), but I like to give myself a hard time to escape. Knowing, that I am one or several challenges away from freedom, is a nice trigger for me. So I keep thinking about possibilities. Of course, any method should allow me to get free eventually.

Idea 1:

Some ties require a hook on the wall or a door handle. I figured, that tied legs make it quite difficult to stand up from the floor, although it is not impossible. So, I have to struggle for freedom, I can give up for a while etc. Of course, there is a limit to the strictness of the ties, a hogtie is obviously too much. A simple tie around the ankles is a challenge right now, it will be much easier with more practise. This gives me a lot of variables to play around with. I tried this with my bolero armbinder (, which requires access to a door handle or hook on the wall to open the zipper.

Idea 2:

Lockpicking! Well, I got a new hobby, guess, what it is... It makes me consider bondage methods with locks. Picking an average lock is fairly easy, given the proper tools, some knowledge and experience. I am a newbie to this sport (yes, lockpicking is a sport too!), so I can open simple locks only, which takes me 1 second to several minutes. 1 second is possible only with a special technique called "raking", which depends on random effects inside the lock, while using a certain tool. There is another method called "single pin picking", which takes from a few seconds (not me yet) to very long. The second is the method of choice here, and it is the one that I need to practise anyway. The applications are obvious: I will use restraints that lock with padlocks of a quality, that is worth picking. The lockpicking tools are readily available, the keys unreachable for the next one or two hours (ice timer for example). I only need direct physical access to the lock and some freedom to move my hands to operate the tools properly. If picking goes too fast, I can simply close the padlock again, or even have another one ready, which is harder to pick (and its key in the ice-timer too). I could combine this with method 1 or 3, by using a strong box or a room with a locked door, that needs to be picked.

Idea 3:

I got a "mermaid tail", which is a long hose of lycra, attached to a monofin, which is a single swimming fin attached to both feet. That monofin is an effective leg tie and you can't even do tiny steps. The only way to move, while standing, is to hop. And kneeling is near to impossible, because the fin is in the way. I haven't tried yet, but it must be quite hard, to stand up from the floor with this fin on, the lycra hose around the legs will make it a bit harder even. Apart from that, this is quite similar to method 1.
Crawling to the knife while strictly hog-tied (wrists to knees) is also quite a challenge.
Yes, and if done right, it could take hours for you to wiggle your way from the bedroom to the living room, when you have a long hallway to cross.
Want the crawl to be harder? Take a broom and tie it from your waist, to your knees and ankles. Want more fun? Cut the sweeping thing off and put a butt plug on the end. Or maybe use the Tee plug.
This is a cool device that keeps your ankles apart and a butt plug inside you.
(21 Sep 2015, 17:43 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Or maybe use the Tee plug.
This is a cool device that keeps your ankles apart and a butt plug inside you.
Always wanted to buy one. But I can't justify the ridiculously high price the shops want for this very simple device.
This is the cheapest dildo-T-frame I could find on Alibaba: T-spreader bar plus dildo 😟


And I would prefer to have a horizontal insertion limiting rod to prevent the dildo to reach your throat from the rear entry...
Make it out of PVC water pipe. Cost around 15 to 20 bucks to make.

I used a nylon strap as ankle cuffs. I saw this when I was in Shefield back in 2000
(23 Sep 2015, 15:34 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Make it out of PVC water pipe. Cost around 15 to 20 bucks to make.
The problem is how to properly fix the dildo.
Glue it?
(23 Sep 2015, 17:37 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Glue it?
PVC to silicone? 😉

Nah, I want it modular, adjustable and disassemblable.
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