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Full Version: A blubber suit ???
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Yea, you heard me, a Blubber suit. Allow me to explane.
I just came back from a bar that I haunt. Nice place, and the barmaid knows all about me. No, she is married.
Anyway, I have notice that Bra straps,tank straps and rope tend to dig into women's skin a lot deeper than men's skin.
The reasion is that females or women, call them what you will, have extra blubber just underneath their skin. Therefore, ropes dig in and pretty much stay put.

But men, just a little movement, and almost all the ropes and straps seem to slip and slide off. So, if one made a Blubber suit, maybe bondage would be a bit more fun.

What do you think?
I think a suit meant to give the impression of a layer of  subcutaneous fat would probably look a lot like the ones made by Femskin.


I'm not a big fan of them (or of masking in general) but I have to admit that this femskin worn under a transparent rubber catsuit is an interesting look.


Yes, that would work. But the transparent catsuit. I think it could get damage in rope bondage.
Is a place where the fem suit can be bought?
Ok, I remember the Femsuit now. I passed on it when it first came out.
No, thinking on this a little more, I'm thinking of a spandex type suit with extra layer in spots and desiged to be more resesent to rope damage.

Maybe I'm just dreaming here.
If you are just looking for a layer that would provide traction for ropes, maybe a suit made out of 1/2" memory foam.
Memory foam?
Is that possible? Will it work is the question?
It's an idea. I wonder where I can find find 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch memory foam?
1/2 thick may be at the lower end of the thickness of meterass toppers.
To make a suit then just research how the cosplay crowd make foam armour.
I think it's all in the rope binding technique, rather than technical props to keep the rope in place. For example, Japanese kinbaku can be very simple or very complex, but the ropes will not leave their "routes" and pressure points even during struggling. Also, the ropes should not cut into flesh.
I see that femsuits are still around, and the prices are still quite high.
But, here comes the want ad, I would like to get a used femskin.
Not that will ever happen.