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Full Version: Delurking for Leather stuff
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I haven't seen anything covering leather much on this site. That happens to be one of my big things. About 2 years ago I ordered a cheap leather suit from Ebay - made to measure with leather lining. I thought it was awesome - little did I know. Now I finally spent the big bucks and went for a real designer suit from It took a month and a half but it finally arrived yesterday and I am just blown away. I wish I could wear it everywhere but I need to be discreet 😊

Is this out of line for this site?
Remember,  you'll still have the quality when you've forgotten the expense 😉
Why not to create a leather subforum? 😉
And it's created!
(25 Aug 2015, 20:44 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]And it's created!

Well done!
Yea, a leather Fourm. Why didn't I think of that?

Oh yea, Welcome to our little world.
Yes, now it looks pretty much obvious. Now I wonder if we need more fetish subforums 😉
I do like leather, but I don't like the price...

Nice suit, as far as it can be seen!

A good friend of mine used to wear leather t-shirts, made to measure and skin-tight.

And it should be mentioned, that men don't need to be gay to wear such stuff!