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It looks so good on pictures, but feels so bad, when done badly in self-bondage. Whenever I tried something up to now, it involved rope slipping over my skin and leaving bad traces, it also hurt a bit to very much. No good, even long sleeves didn't help much. By accident, I discovered a good method tonight:

You need a long piece of rope, perhaps 15 m, 10 m might be enough, you can leave out some details, I suppose.

Double the rope, tie the open ends together if you like, Start with one round around your torso, including the upper arms. Pull the open strands through the bight in the center of the rope, then do another round, in the opposite direction, pull the ends of the rope through the fold of the rope that occurred, when you changed direction. Pull comfortably tight, but not very tight. Make sure, the rope leads around the upper half of your upper arm muscles.

The next step might not be necessary, but it makes a better harness: Move the rope to the front, underneath your left arm and the rope there, then back, but above the rope around your torso. Do the same on the other side, secure again, by pulling the rope through a bight at your back. Tighten as much as you like, this will cinch the rope rings and tighten them around your arms.

Now move the rope over one shoulder, pull it through the rope rings on your chest, back over the other shoulder, through a bight in the back. The rope rings around your torso are now secured and cannot slip down.

Now wind the rope around your torso again, exactly the same way as the upper ring, but right above the elbows. Also do the cinching, secure as before.

The open ends of the rope need to be tied together now, if you haven't done so yet. Then you hang the rope over a door handle something similar and pull tight. You need to support this by pulling your elbows together. Since the rope is cinched, it won't scratch your arms, but it will create a tightening loop right above the elbows. Friction is high, it feels quite secure. It isn't that secure though, you can pull it open if you want to. Keep the tightness at a reasonable level. It will become a bit more uncomfortable during the next step.

To finish off, wrap the remaining rope around your wrists a couple of times, then feed the end between your hands twice and cinch. Friction and the fact, that the rope hangs down from your wrists, keeps the tie tight. If you want it a bit more thrilling, you can feed the rope underneath the cinch loops. If you know a more secure way to tie your hands, don't try for the first time, see, how you can cope with the elbows first.

In order to escape, you have to undo the cinch between your wrists. It might be a little bit difficult but should be possible. If not, cut the rope there. Now pull your elbows apart and undo the rest of the tie.

Don't understimate the pressure on your arms above the elbows. This method is nice to the skin, but it still squeezes your arms together at a point where they have no protection from muscles. Instead, there are blood vessels and other vulnerable things. But on the other hand, it is much better than wrapping loops over loops onto your arms and pull tight again and again. It tightens evenly around both arms, and if you stop pulling, it doesn't fall apart instantly. Actually, it almost stays as it is, if you don't struggle. And once the wrists are tied, the elbows are perfectly secured.

Thanks to the author of this website ( ), who inspired me. The elbow tie is almost the same as described there, except that you leave the forearms free. Instead of cinching gently, you cinch as much as it takes to tie your elbows.
Interesting. Did you try to tie Takate Kote for self-bondage? It is hard to imagine how you could do it. I miss imagination, so when I have no pics, I cannot imagine it. But if you did it, can you send photos?

Also I would like to warn you about cinching. On my blog, in Anatomy section, you can find for instance this image:

[Image: radial+scheme+2+-+no+rotation.gif]
and this one:
[Image: radial+scheme+22+-+after+rotation+45+degree.GIF]

Which shows that there is Radial nerve on the bottom of the elbow going on front side. And Ulnar nerve on the back of elbow. Cinching too much can result in problems with your hand.

On the other hand, if you like ties like this, I had made description how to tie selfbondage inspired in takate kote and hojojutsu:
It is 4 or 5 hangman's nooses based tie, simple equipment made from 8m of folded rope.
(29 Sep 2012, 10:37 )Johny_the_Rigger Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting. Did you try to tie Takate Kote for self-bondage? It is hard to imagine how you could do it. I miss imagination, so when I have no pics, I cannot imagine it. But if you did it, can you send photos?

I didn't try, I did, with variations. As for photos, it is a lot of work, I usually run out of time before I can think of it. Check the instructions on , except for tieing the hands. With hands tied first, it might be impossible to apply the cinches.

(29 Sep 2012, 10:37 )Johny_the_Rigger Wrote: [ -> ]Also I would like to warn you about cinching.

Can't be repeated often enough, arms (and legs) have very vulnerable spots, there is no safe elbow tie.
Ah, I think I understand you now. The problem is that the tie is based on exact position of the arms, so called box tie. So the forearms should keep correct angle 90°. But you apparently don't follow this advice. In this case, it would be possible to tie it. Even if you would make a noose in the place of bight, it could be possible to get the hands on position of Takate Kote when you finish. But this type of self-bondage is not my way, because it seems to me too complicated, and it is simpler to use that mechanism as I have described on forumbondage. I think you should get same effect and the tie takes only few minutes to get in (three minutes or so).
Could you repeat your method here? The other forum requires membership to view it. Anyway, I don't quite understand, what bothers you, except for the potential dangers, wich exist with any method to tie elbows together.
Try this page, but I am not sure - maybe download is only for members (?)

This contains demonstration video of me making self-bondage with the mechanism described in the thread. I would think about that if to post it here. Actually, you cannot get membership now, because admin is on holiday. There is not only one post, the description is at 4 posts.

Can you load and read the forum thread as non-member? I think you should. There is only one image which is this:
Which is hangman's noose. Whole mechanism is made from 4 loops like these.

To reply what bothers me... I just don't believe that TK for self-bondage is simple to do. I did never try it, but I can imagine it as problematic. I just like different method which is quick and no problem.
Ok, I could download the video now and apparently, we got a big misunderstanding. That's good, because it forced me to take a few photos. I didn't document the complete method, because the rope I had, was too short: I only made the lower chest/arm ring, only did one round instead of two (should really be two, for the sake of the arms), left out the shoulder straps and didn't show how to do the wrist tie.

click the picture to open it in a second window or tab, then move back and forth with ctrl+tab / ctrl+shift+tab to read description and view the image (not sure how to do that on a telephone).

0. Unbound, made it 8 pictures to fit into the frame much better than 7. 😉

1. Doubled rope once around chest including arms, pull open ends through the fold and reverse direction of the rope towards the first arm to be "cinched".

2. Pull the open ends through the chest ring from front/below for the first cinch

3. Same step finished, from behind

4. Do the same on the other side - front

5. As above, finished. I grabbed the chest ring, on the opposite side to the last cinch, to pull the open ends through there, which will finish this chest ring and make sure that both cinches will be pulled towards the center.

6. After pulling on the open ends of the rope (attached to a door handle), it looks like this

7. Some wraps around the wrists, then around the hips, to make it look finished

Attention: This is a demonstration of the principle only, not really suitable for self-bondage. There is very little rope to hold the arms, it should be twice as much. This tie is harder to open than the original method, secured to the shoulders, I would have had a hard time. There should be a second ring around the arms, below the shoulders, cinched or not, doesn't matter much. To make it more secure, the rope should be lead over the shoulders as well, as in the website that I have linked in the original post. And finally, with the full method you can get your arms together much more.

The original inspiration is bondage such as in the following picture.


About your method: It has the same trouble as all methods I have tried before: When you pull tight, the rope will move against the skin of your arms and in the end, each arm is compressed by one loop. On the other hand I agree, it is a simple and probably even effective method to do a box tie by yourself. How hard is it to get out of it and how comfortable is it after a few minutes? Are the wrists supported or will the forearms make an open angle of more than 90°?
OK, now it is clear to me, thanks for photos.

(01 Oct 2012, 20:59 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]1. Doubled rope once around chest including arms, pull open ends through the fold and reverse direction of the rope towards the first arm to be "cinched".

This is called larks head. You can simplify your description to just right, "make lark's head on folded rope" around chest - I believe everybody knows it:

Your tie is definately not Takate Kote. I use Takate Kote mostly on all my ties as shown in the My knots tutorial site.

So to answer your questions...
"When you pull tight, the rope will move against the skin of your arms and in the end, each arm is compressed by one loop".
The compression is not uncomfortable. This depends on you how much you make it tight the loop.

"How hard is it to get out of it"
It is harder to get in then out. You must use your finger (extend them) to open the noose, then you struggle a little bit to get one arm out. If it was tight then you can try for example 2-3 minutes. Your hand is out and with it you can realease after cca 1 or 2 minutes. But it depends on other factors. You can add more loops or mechanisms to make you harder to untie. This is on everybody's fancy.

"And how comfortable is it after a few minutes?"
You can stay whole night in it. No problem.

"Are the wrists supported or will the forearms make an open angle of more than 90°?"
The forearms are supported from the neck line. You cannot get your forearms down because it would not be good - you would feel throttling on your neck. If you will not pull you hands down then you will be OK. This is principle of hojojutsu rope techniques.

Admin of forumbondage is back from holiday, you can ask for membership to get access to the tutorial as I write above.
Elbow tie:

Self explanatory and very smart. But please do not loose your balance, especially while wearing high heels.
I suppose, many of us would like to find a save and doable way to tie their elbows behind their back. I have tried it often, mostly in vain, sometimes with quite painful results. Now, I found a method that is quite promising. It needs further elaboration for "security", time lock etc., but it basically works.

Take two lengths of rope and tie a cuff around each upper arm, not too tight. Rather use more than less rope, it should be comfortable.
Take another piece of rope and feed it through one arm cuff.
Find the end of that rope, that comes upwards out of the first arm cuff, pass it behind your back and feed it through the other arm cuff downwards.
Take the same end of the rope, pass it behind your back again and feed it through the first arm cuff from the lower end.
Finally, pass this very same end of the rope behind your back again and feed it through the second arm cuff downwards.

Now you have two strands of rope dangling from the two arm cuffs.
The rope goes somewhat like this now: Up into the left cuff, down into the right cuff, up into the left cuff and once more down into the right cuff.

For a first try, take the left strand into your right hand and vice versa, pull tight. Alternatively, tie both ends together, put them over a door handle and pull away.
If you let go of the ends, you can pull your arms apart easily.

To make it more effective, you can add another loop between the cuffs. Only make sure, the lose ends of the rope exit towards the elbows, i.e. downwards.

Suggestion for a finish: Use both strands like a single rope and make a lark head over one wrist, then over the other. Repeat until you run out of rope. When making the lark heads, make sure, that the open end comes off underneath the ring - hard to explain, perhaps someone else can do that. I tried to describe this technique in my instructions for self bondage for beginners somewhere in this forum.

No fotos, no drawings, I hope you understand it anyway. Perhaps I will make some illustrations later.

PS: You might think about simply tieing the ends together, but the resulting knot(s) will end up near your elbows and be completely out of reach, even with scissors or a knife. A long and sharp sword might do, but I'd rather not rely on that.

PPS: This method has a tendency to leave rope marks. Consider this, before trying.
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