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Full Version: MJ-SB10/2015 – Quick encasement self-bondage session
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There must have been something still in my system after my ‘Home-alone’ adventures, because a couple of weeks later I had a few hours to myself and couldn’t resist playing.

15den hooded, gloved, closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath (basically a full Zentai suit in 15d nylon)
8 pairs of XXL maternity tights
Ball gag

Butt plug

The session:
With only a short time to play this session needed to be quick, simple and leave no obvious signs of my bondage activities (rope marks can be a challenge to explain away at bedtime!) – The obvious solution was for some encasement bondage fun.
[attachment=15448] - tights ready on the bed
[attachment=15449] - I'm aeady 100% encased in my pantyhose suit, with a gag and butt plug in place
[attachment=15450] - two legs in a single leg of the tights
[attachment=15451] - next pair ready to go
[attachment=15452] [attachment=15453] - more pairs going on
[attachment=15454] [attachment=15455] - the spare legs going over my arms
[attachment=15456] - now I have two pairs, one inside the other and ready to go over my head
[attachment=15457] - over my head and shoulders
[attachment=15459] - now to get my arms in the leg behind my back
[attachment=15458] - nearly there
[attachment=15460] - done!
[attachment=15461][attachment=15462] - struggling in my bondage
[attachment=15463] - working the butt plug (and fantasising a little.. Blush )
[attachment=15464] - teasing
[attachment=15465] - just resting and enjoying the feelings

What went well?
I always get a kick out of being 100% encased – using the 15d pantyhose suit and the XXL tights made everything wonderfully sexy. I just love the feeling of tight nylon over my entire body and also how the nylon changes my perception of the world around me. It’s not just feeling through my fingers, but the sensations throughout my whole body as I move around on the bed and mattress.

Using tights as single leg and arm bondage – this is super comfortable and doesn’t leave any signs or marks of being bound!
What could be improved?

How to make the bondage work for longer sessions – the biggest challenge I have with my encasement bondage is how to make it ‘inescapable’ for a period of time. I wondered if some sort of SRD using the nylon of my ‘single-arm’ could work. If I got into it like usual with both arms behind me, but then pulled the leg tight towards my ankles (like a hogtie) would it become so tight that I couldn’t escape? But then, how would the SRD be released?
Different sizes of tights – at the moment I use XXL for both my legs and arms, but I wonder if a smaller size over my head and arms would be better/tighter? Or maybe a much larger size on my legs would allow me to try another fantasy where both my legs in one leg of the tights and the rest of my body in the other leg?
Play safe