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Full Version: MJ-SB09/2015 – Home alone session 9: More hanging around
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My last day home-alone, and I still had a desire for kinkiness – but what to do? Well, after the drama of the night before I wanted something I knew I could manage, and another suspension was top of my wish-list…

20den hooded, gloved, closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath (basically a full Zentai suit in 20d nylon)
20den gloss pantyhose
Lycra body
8 knee-highs
Ball gag
High-heeled ankle boots
Hollow Bar

The session:
I had fully recovered from the drama of my session (MJ-SB08/2015 – Home alone session 8:  Bound enema, a cautionary tale) and a good night’s sleep had left me feeling ready for another self-bondage challenge. I knew I could only do one serious session this time, as I would have to tidy up and clear everything away in time for the return of family at the end of my home alone time (is it only me or do other self-bondage fans make a huge mess during their sessions – I’d left rope, tights, gags, tape, chains, spreader bars and all sort of paraphernalia scatter around the house!). I’d enjoyed my last suspension session so much that I wanted to have another go, but try a different approach.

I quickly got my gear ready and dressed for my session.
[attachment=15329] - fully encased (no gaps this time) and legs bound

[attachment=15330] - hollow bar in place behind my knees and ready to start hoisting

[attachment=15331] - starting to hoist myself up

[attachment=15332] - getting there, but some way to go yet

[attachment=15333] - not yet clear of the floor, but getting higher

[attachment=15334] - so close to being airborne

[attachment=15335] - up, up and away! 😁

[attachment=15336][attachment=15337] - just hanging around and spinning

[attachment=15338] - I'm beaten by the effort. I simply do not have the strength to lift, hold and tie the rope off before I slip downwards again. Drat! 😟

What went well?
I loved the ‘knees-bent’ position - the idea of a suspended, inverted, hogtie really excites me and this session proved it is possible in self-bondage

Simply being suspended and free swinging – I cannot stress enough the feelings of helplessness I have when hanging above the ground.

What could be improved?

Use a steel tube as I’d originally planned! 
[attachment=15339] - I tested the plastic tube with all my weight before starting, but it still deformed during the session - fortunately with no ill effects. Next time I will take the time to find the steel tube I planned to use!

I was so exhausted by the excesses of two day’s self-bondage that lifting my weight was too much for me and I had to give up – once again I need to source a simple ratchet or rope lock that I can use to take the strain off my arms, holding my suspension and then safely lowering me again.

Better camera and video angles – It is so difficult to get a good angle and I will have to sort out something better for next time.

Play safe


I love what you wear here
(16 Feb 2019, 17:36 )Hottie3464 Wrote: [ -> ]I love what you wear here

Thank you - it's one of my favourite all-time combinations (you might spot them in more of my sessions).

Thanks for the session, Google "sailboat mainsheet block" and you will see what I used the the 90's when I was into the suspension thing. Back then I would hoist my self up by my feet 5 feet in the air with little effort and felt safe. These devices are rated for 1000's of pounds and with a 6:1 or 7:1 ratio you can lift your weight with one arm and they lock in and out easily.