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Full Version: MJ-SB08/2015 – Home alone session 8: Bound enema, a cautionary tale
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WARNIING – this is a real experience of things going wrong in a self-bondage session, with frightening consequences.

I had, finally, achieved my orgasm after nearly 2 whole days of torment (in the nicest way) now I had to pay the price and ‘suffer’ (a subjective term – I was looking forward to my adventure), however things didn’t quite go to plan and very nearly ended badly…

70den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den XL matt pantyhose
Lycra body
10 knee-highs
Enema plug, enema bag, funnel and tubes
Ear plugs
duct tape
Ring gag

The session:
It was only a short time after my long awaited HFO (MJ-SB07/2015 – Home alone session 7:  Bound to a post and pleasured) that I put into action my plan for an enema session. I don’t do this very often and I am very definitely not into the scat scene at all. To me including an enema in a self-bondage session is part of the thrill of being securely bound and unable to stop something happening to me (even if I’ve deliberately arranged to happen!). For this session I wanted to ‘stay bound or suffer’ with the suffering being unable to stop the enema once it had been started by my action to gain freedom. I also added a couple of other elements that would combine to make my session more interesting.

The first was that I would include the cum soaked knee-high from my climactic previous session in my gagging (you may recall that is was inside the condom over my cock), whilst the second was a last minute idea to force me to drink an unwanted fluid (guess) as part of the price for my freedom (inspired by a session Ra posted, but I can no longer find! Help Ra – where is it hiding?😒)

Because I was going to be helpless as the enema flowed into me, and also the risk of my forced drinking spilling I decided to undergo the session whilst in my bath – reducing the amount of cleaning up if accidents did occur.

The enema itself was in a hot water bottle, inside a bag, and consisted of nothing more than warm water (approx. 1.5l). The bag was connected to a string that ran upwards to the shower-rail and then down again to a fixed point above and behind my head. Tied to the handle of the bag was a 2nd string, with the keys to my handcuffs free running along it. Also tied to the string was a clip that held closed the tube from which the unwanted fluid I would be forced to drink would come. A cupful of that liquid was ready in a small funnel high away out of my reach once I was bound in the bath.

Clothing for the session was my aeady very smelly (sweaty) bodysuits and lycra body with an old pair of tights to help hold the enema plug in place. With my cock encased in the usual condom and knee-high and the enema plug deep in my ass I carefully completed by dressing, ensuring the enema tube was un-kinked and came out from under the clothes at my chest.

My gag was part of my ‘punishment’ for cuming earlier in the day and would use the knee-high that was now soaked with a mixture of cum and pre-cum. I balled that knee-high along with another 3 and crammed them all in to my mouth, followed with a ring gag, before using many strips of duct tape to seal everything in place. Over all of that went another 3 knee-highs - there was no way I would be getting that gag out in a hurry!
[attachment=15264] - legs aeady bound and getting into the bath
[attachment=15265] - now that's what I call a gag!
Dressed and ready to go I quickly bound my legs tightly together and then fastened them to a rope coming from below the bath – ensuring I was tethered to bath and unable to move further towards the ‘head-end’.

With legs bound I finalised my set-up: the enema tube was connected up and the valve set to open. The tube from the funnel full of nasty liquid was pushed through the knee-highs and then through a pre-cut slot in the duct tape, before finally pushing deep into my nylon stuffed mouth (the ring gag stopped me biting down on the pipe to prevent the flow of liquid). On a whim I pulled yet another knee-high over my head to hold everything tightly in place. I could now only breathe through my flattened nose, and I could aeady taste the first seepage of cum in my mouth as it oozed from the soaked knee-high… which just added to my mounting excitement and arousal.

I pulled more knee-highs over my hands and arms, to make it more difficult to free myself and add to the time I had to ‘suffer’ even when I wanted to get free. Finally I used rope to quickly tie my wrists together before reaching upwards and behind my head to find the handcuffs I’d aeady fixed to the shower pipe.
[attachment=15266] - getting settled into my bondage
Taking a deep breath and with a struggle I finally managed to snap the free handcuff around the wrist rope to form a sort of cinch – at the time I was very frustrated that I couldn’t cinch the wrist rope properly…
I revelled in my helplessness, imagining the cost I would need to pay for my freedom as my saliva caused the cum soaked nylon in my mouth to release more and more of its salty taste – never have I felt so wantonly submissive, just wishing for something, anything, to happen that would enhance those feelings.
[attachment=15267] - a view of my set-up
[attachment=15268] - close-up of the clip that will release fluid into my gagged mouth
The lust for action and abuse (in the nicest, most delightful manner) finally overcame me and I started to haul on the rope which raised up the enema bag (starting the release of its load deep into my ass) pull the clip off that closed my gag pipe (releasing that yellow fluid into my helpless mouth) and finally lifting the string with the key on it so that only when the enema bag was at its highest position would the key slide down towards my roped and cuffed wrists.

Clever set-up? Well… no, a fucking dangerous set-up would be closer to the truth. Scare3

[attachment=15269] - all going to plan as I pull on the cord to release the key, the enema and my forced drink

Everything went to plan until the clip released my forced drink – instead of the steady slow flow I’d imagined and fantasied about the whole cup-full seemed to empty into my mouth in a handful of seconds. My mouth was full and over-flowing up my nose! I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t swallow fast enough… I was drowning!
[attachment=15270] - oh shit! Its gone wrong!!
[attachment=15271] - I'm in full panic mode right now
[attachment=15272] - yes, that is the fluid from my forced drink coming out of my nose and 'no' I couldn't breathe Scare3
Frantically I struggled to reach the keys and my free myself – but my cleverness was also my enemy as my nylon encased fingers fumbled and dropped the keys (just what I’d planned but now threatening my life). Trying to stay calm but feeling the panic mounting I struggled upright and even more franticly tried to free my wrists from the ropes as liquid poured down my nose. Finally my wrist pulled free and I tore away the nylon over my nose – snorting snot and liquid out as I finally drew in a lung-full of air.
[attachment=15273] - panic over, deep breathing and calming down.
The whole drama only lasted around 20 seconds (I watched the video) and aside from a burning sensation in my nasal passages I was unharmed… but it took me a few minutes to calm down again afterwards.
It was real fright and I realised that had I properly got the handcuff around my wrist ropes I could have been in real trouble….. close, too close, too close by a very long way!

So what happened next?

I carried on – that’s what!

Well, sort of…. I’d disconnected the enema pipe during my struggles, so all I got from that was a wet bum!
But the desire for an enema had not left me and I just had to do something. Untying my legs I got out of the bath and quickly improvised a different enema plug and re-dressed myself before climbing back in. Using a large pipe through the plug and the funnel to pour water in I proceeded to fill myself with over 2l of warm water – grief it felt soooo good and all the drama of a few minutes previously was quickly forgotten.

[attachment=15274] - still aroused after all that drama

Watching back on the video again I spotted that my erection didn’t falter at all throughout those moments of fear and panic – which may say something rather worrying about my psyche.
What went well?
Err, I survived an act of gross stupidity! I was stupid, Stupid, STUPID. You should never ever, ever, try a scenario like this without a safe test run first. I broke all the rules and very nearly paid a high price for it. I was lost in the ’zone’ and rational thought seemed to have taken a break for more than a few minutes.

On a more positive note I did enjoy many aspects of my session and will do something similar again…. After testing every part out thoroughly first!

The release mechanism for my forced drinking worked perfectly, as did the basics behind my ‘stay bound or suffer’ set-up

What could be improved?
Ok, so obviously a hell of a lot, but on a more technical level I do have these thoughts

The enema set-up – once again the plug failed me and is now in the bin! I’ve aeady tested a home-made replacement that performed very well (and is worthy of a separate post) so I’m working on improving it further; stay tuned for progress.

The forced drink – I know what I did wrong; a combination of too much fluid and too much flow was my downfall (and nearly my fate). But the idea is still there and I still get aroused by the idea (yes, I know – very weird!)

Play safe, really… I mean it, please , please play safe and learn from my lucky escape.

You are the self-bondage hero! You are posting new sessions faster than I can read your stories, update the real selfbondage sessions index page and make backups! 😉
I admire the fact that you stayed calm and got yourself out of a jam. I've also put myself in situations where I'm drowning or can't breath and I can imagine how scary that can be. I think it would be impossible for me to remain calm. If one of the keys to escaping an accident would be to remain calm and keep down your heart rate then I'd do nothing more than make the situation worse and my heart rate would skyrocket.

I remember the first session I saw - the video of the guy wrapping himself in plastic and accidentally covering his mouth as he rolled over the sticky plastic sheet. I would have totally freaked out!
Bathtub? What prevented the key from slipping or getting caught in the drain?
For the drinking part, might you try what i do on forced drinking.
I use a one quart bottle with nasty drink inside.
It is connected to cord with a key and a weight.
The idea is to drink all of the juice to make the weight with key heavier than the bottle. The bottle will rise, and your release key will come down.

This works well for me, it may work for you as well.