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Full Version: MJ-SB05/2015 – Home alone session 5: A new day and looking for ‘release’
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After waking up encased and bound I was feeling on top of the world (read: aroused as hell!) and ready for a super intense session to start the day

70den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den gloss pantyhose
Lycra body
10 knee-highs
Ball gag
High-heeled ankle boots
Rope ratchet
Ice cubes
Leather cuffs, neck collar and D-links
Spreader bars
Butt-plug (my biggest!)
Massager and mains timer
Ear plugs
large leather cushion/bean bag

The session:
It was back to bed for my first session of the day, but not because I was feeling tired! I had the urge to place myself in position where I was ‘vulnerable’ and utterly helpless, but I also wanted to include the real opportunity of an HFO (subconsciously I think I wanted to ‘suffer’ for that orgasm later…).

It was a case of the usual fetish dressing going over the biggest butt plug I have (which went in surprisingly easily). I deliberately wore a knee-high over my cock, but under the condom, knowing that any ‘seepage’ would soak the nylon and could be used in a following session. I also indulged in some cock and ball bondage, which I’ve found both helps retain my erection but also makes orgasm that little bit harder to achieve.
As you can see from the photo, my kit was carefully arranged on the bed ready for my session, but I added in a large leather cushion/bean bag that caused my ass to be lifted upwards and presented to anyone who may have entered the room…
With cuffs aeady around my ankles I tied a length of rope around my waist and passed it from front to back between my legs, the idea being that when pulled tight it would ‘force’ my butt plug deeper into my ass. Next came my gag for the day (and ‘yes’, it did stay in almost all day from around 09:00 to 19:00, with only the very occasional break for a drink) which was a large soft ball inside a knee high, tying the gag in place. Over my head went two more knee highs to hold the gag even more firmly in place, they also ensured my ear plugs stayed in and restricted my vison. To finish off my head-gear for the session I fixed a collar around my neck that would not only hold the knee-highs in place but also be used to hold my head fixed in place as part of my scenario.
With the massager set to start in 30minutes, video switched to record and positioned in the right place I set about my bondage.
Ankle cuffs where clipped to the spreader bar, holding my legs nicely spread apart. Leaning forwards I pulled my crotch rope (butt plug rope?) up over my head, through the collar fixed to the bed and back down to the spreader bar for my wrists. I couldn’t resist a quick ‘wriggle’ against the rope, loving the way I could make the plug dive a little deeper into my ass.
Certain that my rope ratchet was tethered by a fresh ice cube inside the small laundry bag and free from tangles, I carefully pulled more knee-highs up over my arms to complete my encasement (well, almost there was still a small gap between the bottom of my neck and the top of my torso).
With a struggle I managed to fix and tighten the leather cuff on my left wrist followed by my right (this one was attached to the ratchet by a rope that passed through an eye of the spreader bar by my head). Once again I checked everything was in place and free from tangles before finally committing myself to true helplessness.
Using a small snap link I clipped my left wrist cuff to the left end of the spreader bar and then I used a larger D-link to lock my neck collar to the centre of the bar. This action meant that I could only lift my head a small distance and that movement to the left or right was equally restricted. With a final deep breath (and a raging erection) I reached for the cord that would pull the right wrist rope through the ratchet and tight to the right hand eye of the spreader bar.
Oh how arousing that ‘click-click-click’ of the ratchet is! Even though my ear where plugged I could still hear the sound of my impending helplessness coming closer and closer. At first I could feel nothing, but then there was a tug against my wrist, now the tugging became stronger with each pull of the cord. I let my encased and cuffed wrist be pulled across the bed until with a final movement it was held fast against the eye of the bar.
I tested my bondage – I was truly helpless and it felt incredible!

There was just enough movement for me to struggle, but absolutely no chance of any escape until the ice melted. Oh my! It was sooooo sexy. 😁

For a while I simply enjoyed the position I’d placed myself in; it was comfortable and effortless to hold, not that I had any choice! Being face down meant that the saliva in my mouth wasn’t constantly causing me to constantly swallow behind the gag and my head was angled such that there was no strain on my neck either.

It was possibly 15minutes into the session that my right arm began to ache a little, but I could relieve the discomfort by twisting my arm around slightly – so that was OK.

Just as I was beginning to think the curse of malfunctioning vibrators had struck again the timer clicked and the massager sprang into life. For a full 60 seconds it worked its magic, teasing me back to full erection before frustratingly stopping! 😡

The torment had left me wanting to cum so much that I started to ride the bean bag under my cock, at the same time trying to use the rope over my butt plug to stimulate me more. I grew more and more active until the timer started my torment all over again. Somehow the new stimulus caused me to lose my rhythm and the building passion was paused, building the sense of sexual frustration I was experiencing.

Time and time again I was left close to orgasm by that damned massager but too far away to work myself over the edge when it stopped. The images of my ever more desperate thrusting combined with the pathetic noises from behind my gag and my struggles still raise an erection when I play the video back of that session.

Eventually after a full 54minutes (checked on the video timer) and 10 cruel cycles of massaging the ice finally melted and I was free.
What went well?
Almost everything – I spent over 50minutes in bondage and was mercilessly tormented by the massager without quite managing to cum. It was, for the most part, very comfortable and a position I will try again.

The massager – the frustration this created within me was indescribable. I both hated and loved it at the same time. I had deliberately set the 10 cycles to come on for different periods (mostly for 1min, but some for 2min) and I’d made the gaps between cycles different too (I’d got 1, 3 and 5 minute gaps mixed up throughout)

What could be improved?
The discomfort I had in my right arm – it was simple to relieve the pain, but a puzzle as to why I even felt it. Before I do this again I want to find an arm position that remains comfortable for a full hour or more.

Longer bondage – if I can fix the arm problem I’m thinking of using more ice cubes, the torment would be incredible. I would also need to find a way of adding more cycles to my massager (I aeady have the idea, but need to test it)

A fan – when I’d finished the session I was soaked in sweat (which was rather nice) and the room stank like a sports centre changing room (which wasn’t nice at all), so a fan would probably be a good idea for any longer sessions!

More video angles – due to the length of the session I only ran one video, ideally I’d like to get more angles with a second or even third video but the logistics are challenging (my video was 40Gb when I stopped recording – add another one or two and my laptop will start to complain!).

Play safe


Ps. A huge THANK YOU to Ra once again for support and inspiration - he and I may not agree on everything, but I'm so glad he has invested his time, money and efforts into this website and forum. Drinks
(28 May 2015, 12:02 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ][Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=15201]  
Very good idea to label all the details!
A short video clip that shows just 1 of the 10 tormenting cycles of vibration I endured:

If you listen at the end you should be able to hear my gagged howls of frustration as yet again I'm left short of orgasm.... Blush


You can use [xtube] Mycodes. Check your post how I edited it.
(02 Jun 2015, 23:17 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]You can use [xtube] Mycodes. Check your post how I edited it.

Thanks - I couldn't recall how I'd done it before and was in a rush to publish Blush